Hilary, Elle, and Lindsay

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of hanging out with 3 lovely ladies by the names of Hilary, Elle, and Lindsay

To give you a little history, I meant Hilary about 3 years ago after she gave me my second, and most current job in the great metropolis of Lincoln, Nebraska.  From the bagels we ate to the shoes we wore, we shared a lot of similarities.  I also had the great honor of her standing by my said as I said “I do” to the man of my dreams.  This summer I returned the favor by standing up with her as she took the leap from fiance to wife.  It was Hilary’s wedding festivities that brought me to Elle and Lindsay, and I can confidently say we became fast friends.

The reason I decided to feature these women on my blog is because they all have a very natural style.  They go outside the box and try trends that you might not see walking the streets of any town in Nebraska.  A common theme throughout my blog is that I am always looking for inspiration.  These particular women and their ability to wear what they love and feel confident in, truly inspire me.

Instead of having me choose what they wear for this entry, I told them to pick 3 outfits that best describe their individual style. One casual outfit, one to show their Husker pride, and something they would wear out on the town.  The pieces they picked can be found anywhere from Target to Forever 21, Zara to Urban Outfitters.  Regardless of the piece or where they purchased it at these women look amazing and I couldn’t be happier to call them all my gal pals!

Meet the ladies!



Style icon: Carrie Bradshaw

Hilary’s most prized items in her closet: Hudson jeans, Hunter boots, and J. Crew Blazer

When asked if she won a closet makeover from 5 of her favorite stores what would they be, she said: J. Crew, Micheal Kors, Free People, Gap, and Anthropologie

Hilary’s style can be best described as Boho Chic.

Hilary has the hardest time shopping for jeans.  Her exact words for telling me what accessories she can’t live with out were, “my initial H necklace ohhhhh wait my gold Fossil watch…shit I mean my wedding ring!” The fashion trend she hates the most are platform flip flops. On the weekends she can be spotted wearing skinny jeans, flats, and fitted t-shirts accessorized accordingly of course!



Style icons: Shay Mitchell, Jennifer Aniston, and Lauren Conrad

Elle’s prized items in her closet: army green jacket and anything flannel

When asked if she won a closet makeover from 5 of her favorite stores what would they be, she said: Anthropologie, Hudson, Tobi.com, Steve Madden and H&M

When asked to describe her style she said, “my style would be comfy yet chaotic.  I love simple one-color pieces that I can mix and match. I love to pair a v-neck top with print heels or boots and a fun patterned scarf.  For me it’s all about not matching to make it work and try something new with accessories.”

Elle has the hardest time shopping for skirts.  The accessory she cannot live without is her big statement watch.  the fashion trend she hates most right now is fake cheetah/leopard print and high spandex pants.

On the weekend you can spot her wearing tall boots, v-neck tops, skinny jeans, and a big scarf for fall with Starbucks in hand!



Style icon: Leah Felder

Lindsay’s prized items in her closet: shoes and leggings

When asked if she won a closet makeover from 5 of her favorite stores what would they be she said: Urban Outfitters, Toms, Free People, Steve Madden, Zara, H&M

Lindsay describes her style as “hippie rock.”

Lindsay has the hardest time shopping for dresses.  The accessories she can’t live without are midi rings, her St. Christopher necklace and RayBan Aviators.  The fashion trend she hates is most anything with a cross.

On weekends she can most often be spotted wearing leggings with an over-sized t-shirt or sweater.





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