Life Happens

For the last few weeks I have been taking a break from all things social media. It has been refreshing, liberating even! A lot of big things have been taking place in my world recently, so I will just dive right in.

Back in December my husband accepted a promotion with his current company to be a Territory Manager for Kansas and Colorado. This has been a dream of his for a long time so of course I HAD to support his decision to go for it. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was completely scared shitless to think I would potentially be moving to a town that has no Target, or Starbucks.

We decided to explore our options in Kansas and Colorado. As we began our search for a place to call home it seemed that our options were limited to towns with either one stop light, or none at all, (Denver and Kansas City were not an option, believe me I tried). I also came to the realization, you can take the girl out of Nebraska, but you can’t take the Nebraska out of the girl. So after all the researching, talking, and thinking, we settled on the small, yet bustling town of McCook Nebraska (this town is FULL of stop ligths). Some of you might be opening up another tab on your computer screen right now to Google “McCook NE” because you have NO IDEA where this town is located. It is in the very southwestern corner of Nebraska, a hot spot for our state if you will. What made us choose such a far away place you ask? McCook has always held a special place in my heart, If I hadn’t moved there after high school I would have never met the love of my life, nor would I have ever experience Mac’s Drive-In (Google it, and then make a road trip, I suggest the mushrooms and chicken salad sandwich, AMAZEBALLS). We will also be living closer to his parents and mine. I could sit here for hours and go on and on and on about how amazing and wonderful McCook is, however I need to move on.

So with all of that said, we are moving. Yep, I am learning to embrace and love the idea with each days passing. I am excited to continue on with my dreams of opening a boutique, developing my blog, and becoming a designer. I will just have to do it from a different location. I have some exciting things coming to Sensible Chaos. For instance, a couple of guest bloggers discussing current spring and summer trends as well as an AWESOME photo spread of fun spring and summer outfits I have been putting together over the last few months. I will also continue to update all of you on our transition from the big city, to the, well, sort of not big city!! STAY TUNED PEEPS!!!!!!!

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