Cheers to Sunshine and Bright Colors… Maggie Carr

When your best friend asks if her outfit looks good before a wild night out or a pulled together dinner with her husband’s parents, if it looks fabulous tell her so; throw her an array of accessories and cheers your wine glasses. The same strategy holds true when she asks your journalistic viewpoint on spring and summer trends for her blog.

I just have to say that my {best} friend your blog is fabulous, and here are a few things I’m in love with for spring and summer.

-Patterns with Bold Accessories

o Step outside the box and have fun with color.
o An easy way to pull together any look with vibrant colors and patterns is to draw the eye in with a bold accessory. A floppy hat, or statement necklace like these.

statement necklace floppy hat

-Black is the new Black

o Black will always be chic, impossibly cool, very flattering, and my work uniform. I have more black in my closet than a Goth teenager on Halloween.
o Add a pop of color with your accessories and keep fabrics light and flowy for those impossibly cool spring afternoons.

black2 black

-Tres Chic

flirty skirt maxi skirt

o Europeans have been getting ‘casual’ right for years. Let’s take the hint and keep it simple. Muted colors, soft fabrics, killer accessories. How EASY could it be?!
o Be a European flirt this spring. Pair a flirty skirt with layered sweater and ask that cute barista for his number!
o Any color. Any V-neck. Any maxi skirt. The V-neck/Maxi skirt combo is definitely the way to achieve an effortlessly casual look for any occasion.

-The hair up there
o Braids! Keep them loose and undone for a chic way to transform bad hair days.

o Lighten up! Let me guess, you’re growing your hair out? Put away your hair dryer and go au natural. Embracing your natural texture this summer makes for healthier long hair in the future.
o Don’t be afraid to go short! This look is everywhere, not for everyone but we all need to lose our inhibitions once in a while right? A well-executed short do like Anne’s always compliments an outfit, or an amazing shade of red lipstick.

braids go lighter go short

Why am I someone who’s fashion opinion should be valued you might ask? Fashion is part of my ever-evolving career. As a hairdresser my eye for what’s fresh, hot, in, out, new, old, so 20 years ago and just wrong, is why my guests pay me the big bucks. As a student of culture, I thrive on music, art, fashion, travel, and people. Grab your wine glass and cheers to sunshine, patterns, and bright colors!

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