Dirt Roads

One of the perks of living in a small town is the number of dirt roads that are accessible within a 2 mile radius, thus the inspiration for this look. The dress that I am featuring is from one of my favorite boutiques in downtown Lincoln, Stella. If you have not been, I highly recommend it the next time you find yourself wondering the streets in our states capital. Not only do they carry some of today’s most trend driven looks, they also carry some new and antique home furnishings.

I paired this lace number with a Nebraska staple, cowgirl boots. Since living in McCook I have been trying to find any excuse to pair these boots with every outfit I put on. Flower headbands are my obsession as of late as well. I am a little behind the time on this trend, but wearing flowers in your hair is not something that should be done daily people, trust me on this one.


dirt road 1dirt road 3

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