My Best Friend is Getting Married

As a girl you dream about your wedding day, the dress, the party, the honeymoon, THE MAN! But hardly ever is there a discussion when it comes to thinking about your best friend’s wedding. Call me weird, but I think about my best girlfriend’s “future” weddings constantly. I don’t know, maybe I watch too much Say Yes to The Dress, or perhaps it’s my love for any movie that ends in a wedding, but weddings get me giddy. So you can only imagine my excitement when my best friend Sara, told me she was getting married. From the ring to the way he proposed, it was all perfect. To top it off, she asked me to be one of the ladies that stands next to her as she says her I do to the man of her dreams!  So naturally I felt it would only be necessary to document this journey on this little blog of mine.

A few weeks ago Sara and her fiancé Tyler came to visit Alex and I in our little town for the weekend. So what better way to spend our time than to take a few snapshots of this charming couple and their dog Ruby. Before our dinner date that evening we headed to my favorite park in McCook to capture a classic Nebraska sunset for their photos. For my first ever couple shoot these two were naturals, I mean just look at them, together, beautiful.

A photo session with me is not complete without a few fashion shots to show off Sara’s impeccable style. There is not a single thing I could put on this girl that she wouldn’t be able to rock. I wish I could take credit for her outfit for this shoot, but it is all her.

To end, I have to say I couldn’t be happier for these to humans to unite in marriage. I am excited to be a part of their special day, so with that said……….stay tuned for Part 2.

Sara and Tyler 1


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