When Life Hands You Lemons..

Life. It happens. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes, well, it sucks. In the months since I last posted a lot has happened some of which has prevented me from writing. Holidays, parties, work, school, family, the list goes on. 2016 has started out rough, and hit me with a big dose of reality.

About a month ago my dear sweet Grandma Jo decided to go meet the big man in the sky. She had been struggling with Alzheimer’s for a few years and looking at all things now, it truly is a blessing. Sometimes when I think like this I feel like it is a heartless statement. However, I am so thankful she no longer has to live with simple daily struggles that so many of us take for granted. She is now in a place where she does not have to be confined to the confusion of her own thoughts.

Grandparents are superheroes. As a kid you think they will never leave you so when they do, it’s hard to accept. For me this was the case. I did not want to accept that she was slowly starting to “forget” things, I couldn’t make peace with it for a while even though my family was telling me I had to, I just simply could not. My grandma was everything I wanted to be, smart, independent, strong, loving, beautiful, fashionable, and above all she only ever wanted the absolute best for her family. In the days since she has left us I feel this little push every day to get out of bed 10 minutes earlier, study 30 minutes longer, and run a few miles farther. I believe this push, is my Grandma.

I leave you with some pictures, a few fashion related, and a few life related, because in the end life is what we are living, and we must live it to the fullest.

With my Grandma Jo on my wedding day. 

gma jo picture


4 pic blog 1

3 pic blog

gma j blog 2

Dress: Target  Jacket: Express  Boots & Hat: H&M

gma j blog 1

Top: Free People  Jeans: Express



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  1. She sings the closing song in True Grit. They arrange and re-arrange an old hymn over and over, “The Everlasting Arms”, then she sings the final variation at the end. B–EU-U-T-I-F-A-L.

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