It’s the same song and dance with me, I’m late to the game, the Oscar game that is. Yes they aired months ago, yes EVERYONE has already picked their favorites and least favorites, but in true Julia fashion (no pun intended or wait….) nothing can be put to bed without my opinion! I enlisted the opinions of my two very best friends Sara and Maggie to give me their top picks as well; here is what they had to say!


Saoirse Ronan
loved her dress the whole ensemble, the hair and how the dressed was sort of a shout out to her Irish Heritage. So cool. And yet she looked so effort less and so at ease and comfortable in that dress…. like just maybe she wasn’t holding her breath and sucking it in may as hard as she could have been.

Obviously I love what Jennifer Lawrence was wearing, she totally killed the dress and just all around owned the Oscars. I loved loved loved that dress head to toe amazing.

Next up is Charlize Theron in that red dress with the necklace and the smokey eye. The jewelry, the makeup, the hair. She was a total Knock Out in that dress and the way she just looked fierce!


I’m a little bias but for the men side of the aisle… For me hands down Jared Leto. Seems a little odd but for men, I loved the classics and there were a lot of well-dressed classic tuxedos out there, and men who looked damn good in them. More than that I was noticing a lot of tuxedos that were wearing the dude, they weren’t well tailored, didn’t fit well…etc. I thought Leto slaaaayyyed in that slick black tux with red piping. And forget about the giant flower neck button. I thought it was classic Jared Leto in that way. Only! he could pull that off and just own it.

MR oscars
1. Margot Robbie
I cannot get over how amazing she looked in her gold dress. She looked like a million bucks, literally. Her hair and makeup were simple, which didn’t offset the attention drawn to her gown. I loved the long sleep with a deep v neck slit, and the gold instantly made me associate her dress with “Oscars.” I thought her choice to wear simple earrings and no other jewelry, was spot on because the dress has so much going on with texture and the color, you don’t want to distract from it. For me, Margot was my number one pick and I want nothing more than to look exactly like she did last night, she just oozes sex appeal. #goals



2. Rachel McAdams
I died seeing her in this emerald green dress. The slit, the train, the deep back cut, this dress had it all! It was perfectly simple in color and design, but the cuts of it, fit her perfectly. I loved that the front of the dress, had a thigh high slit but a high neck halter, to balance it out and show just enough skin with her leg. The back had the deep low, that led your eyes to follow down the dress to the long length of the train. The close up pictures of her were perfection; you could see her eyeliner in a green color to compliment the dress. Her hair and skin were both flawless and she kept it simple with the jewelry (you can sense that I am in favor of the “less is more” look with jewelry last night.) I thought the color looked stunning on her and was unique choice for last night’s affair, as far as I saw.

3. Olivia Munn
Who else can wear a bright coral orange dress with matching coral orange lipstick and look absolutely chic?! That color compliments her skin tone so well and was a breath of fresh air for a February night. The one shoulder style of the dress was so unique in how it hugged her left shoulder and upper arm, leaving her right exposed. She had a slight train to bring some elegance to the dress and the way it hugged her, elongated her figure. I thought having her hair pulled back and low was a perfect touch to give this dress a soft look for how bright of a color it was. And yet again, she was simple on the jewelry, the dress alone spoke loudly. Wearing a silver/diamond snake wrapped bracelet on her bare arm, makes me want a silver/diamond snake wrapped bracelet.

Best Dressed Male

Leo D oscars
I give this award to none other than my main man, Leonardo DiCaprio. Not only does he look amazing (finally) holding that Oscar, but he kept it simple in a standard black tux. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the various styles and colors of other tuxes last night, but when I think of The Oscars, I think of a classic black tux. Leo looked stellar in his black tux, as he always does! He looked clean, polished and timeless. It probably doesn’t hurt that I recall him as one of my first crushes back in the “Growing Pains” days and have loved him ever since, but his slight scruff and perfectly combed hair tie the look together. (I included a second picture of Leo, holding that Oscar because YAASSS, it’s about damn time!)


There is not a dress that either one of these ladies has on their best dressed radar that I do not agree with! Here are the best dressed picks from yours truly.

Rachel McAdams

By far my favorite of the night is Rachel McAdams, not just her Oscar dress but the pink Naeem Khan number she wore to the Vanity Fair after party was on point as well. I really like how both of her dresses for each event seemed to carry a similar theme with the plunging front, back, or both  to each dress. The colors of each complemented her skin tone very well.

Lady Gaga

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 28: Singer Lady Gaga attends the 88th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California.(Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

Lady Gaga’s Brandon Maxwell jumpsuit is one of the many impressive looks from Oscar night. You know me, give me a good jumpsuit and I’m on board with just about anything. I think it was a bold step for Gaga to go this direction versus the usual gown route. Brandon Maxwell is a stylist turned designer that Gaga has worked a lot with in this last awards season, he helped style her electric David Bowie look for the Grammy’s, he also debuted his first collection at New York Fashion week and it was a critical success!

Rooney Mara

Ronney Mara is my third and final pick for best dressed dress on the female side. She has such an edgy look anyway, I am always anxious to see what she will show up wearing on the read carpet. With her porcelain skin tone you would think that white would not have been a good choice for her, but she pulled this white Givenchy Haute Couture off amazingly, with the crystal embellishments and center cut-out it was the perfect amount of edge for this year’s red carpet. Her sleek pony tail and minimal make-up paired with a  bold lip color was perfect to finish off her red carpet look!

Jared Leto


Every year so far I have picked Jared Leto as my best dressed male and this year is no different, a flower instead of a bowtie, genius.! I mean its Jared Leto, he is ridiculously attractive and talented, and I will always and forever love him as Jordan Catalano from My-So-Called-Life. I can’t tell you how many notebooks I graphited in junior high with MRS. JORDAN CATALONO, or JORDAN + JULIA, I seriously have no shame in my Jared Leto obsession!

Until next time my dear readers, I will try to get this list posted a bit closer to Oscar time! 🙂 #probablynotthough 🙂

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