In March I attended Omaha Fashion Week with my partner in crime, best friend, and fellow fashion lover, Sara. We went to the Saturday night shows that featured designers Grace Neary, Mitch Henderson, Judy Bales, Alison Cloet & Alesha Johnson of Flor and Thace, Christopher Di Gorigio, and Dalton Taylor. This was the first year that Omaha Fashion Week was held in the new Omaha Design Center that was specifically built to house this event in March and August. It is a beautiful space and fitting to house such amazing affair each year.

To ask to me pick a favorite designer from this particular night would be entirely too difficult. Each show had its own unique style and feel to it. The girly girl in me was going crazy for Flor and Thace (Alison Johnson & Alesha Johnson), their collection was full of chiffon and velvet, in the most beautiful shades of emerald and burgundy.  The edge that Mitch Henderson had for his collection stood out to me as well. It’s almost as if he took a goth look and gave it a modern twist.  I could sit here and go on for days on how completely inspiring each collection was, but I would be rambling by that point and nobody wants to read the random thoughts of a fashion obsessed woman…..or do they?!

If you have never attended Omaha Fashion Week I highly recommend that you do. It is truly incredible to see the talent we have for fashion design in the mid-west.  Having wanted to be a fashion designer since a young age it gives me the drive I need to show my collection there……someday!


Flor & Thace by Alison cloet & Alesha Johnson

Mitchell by Mitchell Henderson

VIP Lounge


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