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Grandma Scarf 3

When my mom comes to visit she brings me “treasures,” as she puts it. The same goes when I head back home, more “treasures” seem to make their way into the back seat of my car.  When I say treasure, I mean anything that use to be my Grandma Jo’s, who passed away in January (see “When Life Hands you Lemons”). My Grandma Jo had a big impact on my life growing up. She had great style and always took interest in any new piece of clothing, or pair of shoes I purchased for myself. In one of my last trips home my mom had some old costume jewelry and scarves. Right away one of the scarves caught my eye, it’s an almost nautical looking silk scarf with red, blue, and gold tassels all over it. You can definitely tell that it came straight out of the 80’s! I took that scarf, with no idea if I would ever wear it, and I was ok with that. It isn’t just a new accessory to me; it is something I have to remind me of my grandma every, single, time I look at it.

After some thought, I came up with this 90’s inspired look.  I have a passion for obnoxiously huge gold hoop earrings, (you can’t fault me I grew up in the 90’s) paired them with this scarf, and out came my inner gypsy! I must also mention the shoes, my Grandma always had the best shoes. When I was a little girl I use to wear them and wish for the day I was grown up enough to sport a pair of heels. I would say she would be awfully proud of these faux suede platform heels I scored on my latest shopping excursion.

This look is by far my favorite that I have put together so far.  Not just because it screams 90’s from the silk slip dress to the platform heels, but because it was inspired by a scarf, that was worn by a great woman.


Slip Dress :Express

Platform Heels: Target

Earrings & Bracelet: H&M


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