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Skirt & Top: Express Boots: Target  Choker: Impressions Online Boutique

My last few posts have been mostly about life, so I thought I better get back to talking about what I love most… fashion! Winter hasn’t officially begun yet, and a couple weeks ago we were still having some unseasonably beautiful weather for Nebraska. So I took advantage of it and snapped a few photos outside with my husband Alex playing photographer. I have to say after having this blog for a year or so his photography skills have really improved!

I purchased this skirt last fall and never quite knew what I was going to do with it, but it has such a 70s vibe to it, I just had to have it. Then I was in Target a while ago and I found these lace up boots and my brain went to the skirt!! Paired with a simply white top and choker, I successfully put together an outfit that even Marsha Brady would be envious of! I have always said that if I could pick a decade to live in according to fashion, it would be the 90s, but the 70s do play a close second in that battle!


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