Omaha Fashion Week 2017


I hope to one day be able to start a blog post and not have preface it with, “it’s been a while since I last wrote.” Consistency is key when trying to make something of yourself in the blog world and to say I lack in that department is an understatement.  I have no good excuse other than I have been busy living life and taking trips so I can’t say I’m entirely sorry I have been M.I.A on this here blog of mine. However, for those few that follow me, I do apologize for leaving you high and dry.

A couple of weeks ago I drove a few hours east, picked up my best gal pal Sara, and headed to a favorite event of mine, Omaha Fashion Week. Of course this is a weeklong event that I WISH I could attend every night of, but I live in the sticks, so I have to pick one night, and it’s always Saturday.

We started our weekend out by some last minute shopping at H&M for the perfect outfit for Sara. Dang that girl has shopping luck, first thing she put on was the winner! Only to be followed by about 4 more options that looked amazeballs on her as well. Seriously, I want to be her when it comes to shopping. The shopping gods were watching over her that day. Me? I had a suitcase filled with outfits to last me weeks, but let’s not talk about that.

Once we got to the Omaha Design Center, we took full advantage of the open bar in the VIP section. I spend the extra $$$ on VIP tickets so I can have all the free champagne I want. #priorities.

The show opened Saturday night with dancers from Ballet Nebraska preforming a piece entitled Ella from their show Momentum that opens on April 1st.  They were phenomenal, did you know Nebraska has a ballet company? Me either, but I think it’s fabulous that Nebraska can be known for more than just football and corn.

Michael Drummond from St. Louis was the first designer to take the runway. He has appeared on Project Runway and has designed for Heidi Klum. His line was full of floral prints and hand-glittered shoes. He was by far my favorite of the entire night. Other designers of the night included Jane Round, Madyssen Jean, Crystal Brakhage Designs, Makaylee Gayed, Hannah Christina Designs, and Mitchell who closed the show.

Yet again I was completely inspired to continue on this journey to one day have my collection shown at Omaha Fashion Week.  The fact that there is a community of people that support and encourage designers in the Midwest is just so great to me. As I always say, if you haven’t ever attended this event, do so, even if fashion isn’t you focus, going for just the inspiration of artists is truly worth it.

Sara and I ended our night with a few more drinks at local Omaha pubs and a few killer dance moves that we perfected back in our Kearney days. Until Next time (hopefully sooner than later) I leave you with snapshots of the collections and moments from this fashionably (pun FULLY intended), wonderful evening!

Please PARDON the nice lady finding her way to her seat 🙂



MD3 - CopyMichael Drummond


Madyssen Jean

ofw 4

Makaylee Gayed

ofw 3Crystal Brakhage Designs

ofw 7

Hannah Kristina Designs

Jane Round 2 - CopyJane Round

mitchell 8Mitchell

OFW carpet

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