Hi, My Name is Julia and I Wear Career Apparel

The struggle for me each and every morning is real. It doesn’t matter if I have had a full eight hours of sleep the night before, I am still a bear in the morning. Alex knows this all too well. He spends most mornings tip-toeing around as to not poke me, the bear.

I do have to give him some credit though, he always makes me coffee, finds my shoes, and has my keys waiting for me as I race out the door! If it wasn’t for him, I would be walking into work at 8:10 a.m. instead of my standard 8:06 a.m.  If my boss is reading this, sorry I really am working on that….

There is, however one thing I NEVER have to think about in the morning and that is what I am going to wear, why you ask? CAREER APPAREL BABY!!! Yes my  fashionista friends, I get to wear a coral glamour blouse and navy slacks each Tuesday to match the other women I work with!! Jealous?? YOU SHOULD BE! Because of this I get at least 15 glorious more minutes of sleep each morning!

Actually, if I got up in that extra 15 minutes I would get to work at 8:00 and not 8:06, but….that’s not the point.

Some of you may be scratching you head, “what the hell is career apparel?” It’s a valid question, trust me I had no idea when applying for my current job I would be wearing blouses with names like, turquoise dream, and dancing daisy’s, some might say ewwww, but I say YASSSS!

So how does a self-proclaimed “fashion gal,” actually like having to wear such apparel each week? Well peeps, I have to admit, it was super hard at first. Honestly, shopping is my thing, fashion is my game. I moved to McCook with a closet full of work attire from The Limited, Express, and Gap! I had a particular work style I had grown accustom too, and I rocked the shit out of it, and I had to GIVE IT UP!!

But the job was worth the apparel so I decided to embrace it! Now each morning I treat putting on my nautical navy blouse like I am a superhero getting ready to conquer the mean streets of McCook! Ok….that’s a little far, but again, I get extra sleep every morning so it’s a win in my book.

I leave you with a look at the outgoing fall/winter line I am currently slaying, before we switch over to the spring summer looks. At this point you may still be saying, “um no thanks.” But guess what? While you are trying to decide what to wear I am still sleeping. Sorry NOT SORRY.








I did my best to hit EVERY typical catalog pose I could…..your welcome.

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