Moms & Distressed Denim


At 35 years old I still choose my outfits with my mom in mind. Now don’t get it twisted, my mom is a hip, hip lady who is always put together and looking stylish as possible. I credit my ability to shop and accessorize ANY outfit to her! But one trend I’m sure Kathy will never understand is distressed denim. I mean, let’s be honest, what mom can? I can see future me yelling at my 18 year old for spending “HOW MUCH!?”  On a pair of perfectly destroyed jeans….but that’s a good 100 years down the road, so I won’t worry about that right now.

Sunday I went to watch my niece Kenna play volleyball (GO 4-COUNTY INDIANS!), and that morning I had a very crucial decision to make…which pair of worn-out on purpose jeans would my mom approve of more?

  1. The pair with giant holes in both knees?
  2. The pair with holes placed every so innocently below each front pocket?
  3. Or the pair with the holes patched up?

Number 3 was the winner!!! I figured since no skin was actually going to show they were the most appropriate pair to go with. I balanced out said jeans with a t-shirt and Chuck Taylors and out the door I went dressed to impress! Or so I thought……..

When I arrived at the tournament I was greeted with a giant hug from my younger niece Halle, and proceeded to make my way to where my parents were sitting. We exchanged hellos, I took a seat on the fieldhouse floor of UNK, (University of Nebraska Kearney for those not familiar) and settled in to watch some volleyball. Pretty soon my mom leans over, “so did you do this patchwork yourself?” as she points to my jeans. HA! My mom is giving me WAY TO MUCH CREDIT! (Side note: I am currently teaching myself how to sew, post about what a disaster that has been coming soon.) Even at 35 I still feel sheepish when my mom comments on my clothing choice, like I’m about to get grounded or she is going to tell me I can’t go to my friends sleepover.

I said to my mom without making eye contact, “no I bought them like this.”  She just looked at me the way moms do and smiled…then offered to buy me a new pair of jeans if I needed them. Of course, she was kidding! At least I think she was……

Moral of this story? Don’t ever assume your mom is going to be down with you outfit choices, even at 35 years old.

Am I still going to wear my distressed denim? HECK YES I AM! I’m a follower of trends and as ridiculous as I may look in my perfectly ruined jeans, I’m still going to wear the shit out of them! Oh, and believe you me, before my time on earth is up, I will get Kathy in a pair of effortlessly destroyed jeans. Getting her to buy them, well that’s another thing. Hmmm……maybe I just stumbled upon a possible Christmas gift?


Tee: Bandit Brand found here

Jeans: Levi’s found here

Boots: Doc Martens found here








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