The Blahs


I’m having a SERIOUS case of the blahs today.

If I’m being honest I’ve had the blahs for the past week.

But today, they are exceptionally fierce.

I had a major fashion moment when I saw Courtney Love and Fancis Bean Cobain grace the Met Gala’s blue and cream carpet. I fully intended to get that post written and up today. But good ole writer’s block got the best of me and here I sit, talking about the blahs.

But I think having the blahs is something that needs to be addressed. This blogging stuff is no joke. If you aren’t consistent people give up on you and that sucks. It’s hard to keep from getting down on yourself and giving up. However, that’s just what I want to do, throw a fit as if I’m 5 years old, and give up. Toss in the towel, convince myself I can do no better than where I am at in this present moment. Have a pity party, because GEE isn’t that MORE fun than having… guessed it……………….the blahs!

I still plan to write about Courtney and Francis, and show how I had my very own Met Gala moment (it’s pretty fabulous so you will want to check back). I also plan to not give up. Not give up on this blog, on my numerous crazy dreams, and most importantly myself.

I leave you with an outfit that gives me all sorts of life, I mean, the pants……they make me smile, they should make you smile too!!


(The crop top and pants were both purchased last year so sadly the aren’t available anywhere 🙁 )

6 thoughts on “The Blahs

  1. I’ve been where you are sweets numerous times. Blogging and consistency is difficult especially when there are no rewards. The pants are so cool and you look fabulous.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration and have an amazing Friday.

    Love from

  2. It is so comforting to know that I’m not the only one that gets the blahs. Sometimes it’s so easy to see how well everyone is doing and forget that we are all human and we all get the blahs.

  3. Love the outfit! I have had the blahs all weekend, mainly because – it’s a super busy and social weekend and I do not have enough relax/introvert time and when that happens, I get cranky. Lol. Might sound weird to some people who love hanging out with people… but for me, I need to be in the mood and this weekend I am definitely not in the mood and have 2 parties I have to be at, when I would rather just sit home and play Sims :p

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