My Mom Is Cooler Than Your Mom


Ok, the title of this post is a bit biased, but to me, she is the coolest.

I am sure there was more than one time my mom thought I was the absolute WORST growing up. I was a pain in the drain let me tell you!

With Mother’s Day coming up, and her birthday having just been on Sunday, I felt it was only right to dedicate an entire post to her!  I also know how much she loves being the subject of my blog posts, you can read about her thoughts on distressed jeans here.

When I look back at all the grief I caused my poor Mother I am INCREDIBLY embarrassed. I tried to run away once. I packed up my L.A. Gear gym bag and HIT THE ROAD! At 10 years old I had it all figured out and was sure I could survive on my own. Chances are my reasoning for doing this is because she said no to something I wanted to do. For good reason I am sure, but at 10, I didn’t quite get it, she was just looking out for me.  She let me get about half way down the block before telling me to come inside. Thank god she did too, can you IMAGINE the kind of human I would have turned out to be if I had to live the REST OF MY LIFE without her sloppy joe’s???? They are life changing, seriously. (Get use to the sloppy joe references mmmm k)

I could go on, and on, and ON with endless stories of Kathy and I’s shenanigans as I was growing up but that could take a lifetime. So what I will say is that my Mom is the smartest, strongest, and most beautiful woman I have ever known, and I can only hope to turn into half the woman she is. All she has ever done my entire life is encourage me to do my best and has supported every hair brain idea I have come up. Like any mother, she ultimately just wants me to be happy, and well fed……………..I mean, sloppy joes.

5 thoughts on “My Mom Is Cooler Than Your Mom

  1. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures, you two look alike! Your mom must be touched to read this. But… not to burst your bubble, but MY mom is the best! 😉 😛

  2. <3 I'm so happy you had a great mom. My mom always wanted me to be a good girl but she was very strict and this cause a lot of friction between the two of us. I was very liberal and a feminist and my mom was the opposite 🙂

  3. Nice tribute, and what a beautiful mom you have! I like the humourous touch in your writing as well, lovely post.

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