Luck IS NOT On My Side



Something that I have never really had.

I always seem to get a reminder of my shitty luck when I start to feel like things are going swimmingly. Then BAM life hits me with a big dose of reality and laughs in my face for feeling so confident! I mean HOW DARE I think for a minute anything I do would go right?!

The cause of my bad luck this time around. Ticketmaster.

It goes something like this……..

I purchase tickets in February for a concert in May.

I wait.

I wait some more………and some more.

I call and talk to a man who sounds like he just woke up from a nap and has a Cheeto stuck in his teeth.

Man tells me to wait longer.

I wait longer.

I call again, and HOORAY my tickets had been printed and sent, I receive them the next day. All is great!

Fast forward to yesterday. I get an email from Ticketmaster with the subject line of, “Your Tickets Have Been Printed!”

I stare at my computer perplexed, I already have the tickets, and even if I didn’t, how were they going to get to me in time for the concert?

This is the part where luck SMACKS ME SQUARE IN THE FACE AND TELLS ME TO WAKE UP!!!! How could I possibly think this event would go smoothly AT. ALL.

So one phone call to Ticketmaster, three people, and 95 minutes later, it is determined that my tickets have in fact been printed twice and the ones I received where in fact, “inactive.”

You can only imagine my excitement at this news (insert eye roll emoji here). The person I was talking to reassures me that my tickets will be at will call and I can pick them up once myself, and my two gal pals get there.

Excuse me for not trusting you Ticketmaster. I need more than REASSURANCE that my tickets will be there, I need you to promise me your first born child that I will in fact, have my tickets waiting for me on a silver platter that is being held by Channing Tatum who will then tell me I’m pretty.

So all I ask of you, my faithful reader (Hi mom!) is to keep your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that everything goes accordingly tomorrow and I am following up this post with one that tells the story of how Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless (and Gossip Girl……Jenny Humphrey anyone?) asked me to join her band as lead tambourine player.

For now, here is what I plan to wear, it puts me in a slightly better mindset, at least I will look good standing at will call!


17 thoughts on “Luck IS NOT On My Side

  1. ” I need you to promise me your first born child that I will in fact, have my tickets waiting for me on a silver platter that is being held by Channing Tatum who will then tell me I’m pretty.” DYING 😂

  2. I think MY blood pressure went up reading about what happened; I can’t imagine how you felt. I would have been so mad. Well, I’ll certainly keep fingers and toes crossed that everything goes well!

  3. Fingers and toes crossed that the tickets are printed and ready for you when you show up! Poor customer service is pretty much the norm across the board, in may industries, it’s disappointing.

  4. She may at least ask you to be the assistant with that outfit 😉 hilarious post, “good luck”!

  5. Awesome! love it!
    You’re hilarious!
    TM fan here as well, so you like Taylor Momsen because you like GG or because you like The Pretty Reckless?
    give her a kiss from me. 😉

  6. Man oh man, sometimes luck does truly slap us in the face. However, at least you get to look adorable in that outfit! Love the edgy boots, by the way. Better luck next time 🙂

    Much love,
    Ashley |

  7. I feel you! I’m also one of those “If bad things have potential to happen, they will happen”. Sending you good thoughts that everything works out!

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