A Winery & A Girl Crush



Sometimes I decide to be all fancy and do adult things like go to a winery.

Of course once I get there I usually trip over my own shoe, spill half my wine on my shirt, and end up crying at some point (a wine induced cry at that). But at least I TRIED to be classy!

This was the case a few weekends ago, ok minus the crying, however I did spill, and I did trip. But I also wore an awesome shirt created by one of my favorite bloggers The Daily Tay.

I have a blogger girl crush on her.

For reals.

I look forward every single day to reading her blog. If you haven’t checked her out, DO IT! She is hilarious, has the best dog, and makes crazy great t-shirts! Ever heard of  the Husker shirt, “Talk Herbie To Me?” That’s her! For my best friends wedding we got her the, “Married AF” shirt.  I have three shirts courtesy of The Daily Tay, obviously the one pictured below, as well as a GBR t-shirt (Go Big Red for those who do not live in the state of Nebraska…or live under a rock), as well as the “Lets Day Drink” t-shirt.

Because the, “USA Champagne Spraying Team” shirt is sooooooo cool I needed an equally cool place to wear it, and take photos! Enter James Arthur Vineyard outside of Lincoln NE. This also gave me an excuse to get all my favorite ladies in Lincoln together to do some day drinking.

I am totally going to tag The Daily Tay when I post this. Hopefully she doesn’t think I’m some pathetic blog stalker or anything…I swear I’m not….really!

But if she EVEN mentions this little ole blog of mine I am going to fan girl the F out!! I imagine it will be similar to when I saw New Kids On The Block for the first time……..it was a life changing experience. #NKOTB4LYFE



Shirt can be found here

Shades are from Urban Outfitters, they aren’t available anymore, here are some that are similar!



My lovely photographer for the day, and my best friend Sara. Remember when she got married? You don’t? Good thing I linked it!!!!! 🙂


My day drinking crew!!!!!!


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