My Met Gala Moment

Yes the Met Gala was weeks ago.


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I mean………………… words. Speechless, which rarely happens for me. The 90s teen in me was screaming giddy screams when I saw them grace the Met Gala’s blue and cream carpet! Every other celebrity was NOTHING compared to these two gems.

Ok, ok, Courtney Love has always been kind of a train wreck. But what a FABULOUS train wreck she was to watch! I mean her style, those slip dresses she wore when playing with her band Hole. Crashing Madonna’s interview on the VMAs and then falling as she leaves only to show her lady parts! How does one NOT know about these events! (Ok, to be fair a lot of people may not know this happened, but I do, and it was a sight to…er….see) Hole’s song Celebrity Skin was on repeat in my Discman as a young and impressionable teen. Oh to be able to smear my red lipstick JUST LIKE HER! Both ladies wore Marc Jacobs to the Met Gala. Marc claims that Francis Bean is his current muse. Geeeeez what a drag for her, I bet she HATES IT!

Going off of my love for the Cobain’s and the 90s, and Doc Martens. I decided to have my very own Met Gala moment. I found the dress on sale at H&M, snagged it for $13, I mean you NEVER know when you are going to need a floor length silver evening gown. This dress is still available in select sizes. The Doc’s I found on Amazon!

Unfortunately McCook didn’t roll out a blue and cream carpet for my Sunday photoshoot, so cement and dirt roads were going to have to do!

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