Sensible Chaos Shirts COMING SOON!

So I decided to make some shirts. Then I decided to open shop and name it….you guessed it Sensible Chaos!

These shirts are pretty awesome, but I guess you could say I am biased!

My mom would say they are awesome, because my mom is Hip AF. (I will explain AF to you mom…or maybe I won’t….. 🙂 )

For anyone else who doesn’t get the AF in Hip AF, just Google it, I had to and I have zero shame for it!


As for the other sayings, here are some fun facts about each one!

The one in white is always right.” — This came to me at my wedding reception. I was getting questions left and right from the DJ to the photographer and I just had NO IDEA what to do.  I was just there for the wine and the man, you want to play the Macarena Mr. DJ?  GO AHEAD! Then someone stopped me and said, “the one in white is always right.” I took a long bridal minute to myself and thought…………….DAMN STRAIGHT! Fast Forward 4 years and 4 months later and now it’s on a tank top!! So brides if you are reading this, you need this shirt. It is subtle, without being all bridezilla like!


It may not be right….but it’s damn sure correct.” –This is courtesy of my ever wise father. Always one for the good one-liners this was one of his best! A perfect shirt when you perhaps are told you are wrong….frequently. Not that my Dad was told he was wrong, he rarely was……or is? 🙂 img_5186

I have all sorts of feelings about this new venture of mine. I’m nervous, excited, ready to toss my cookies…anything you can imagine I am feeling! So please, do me a solid and let everyone know about Sensible Chaos Shirts! My Etsy shop will go live on Monday and I am having a giveaway on Instagram that will start tomorrow! Don’t follow me on Instagram, well then click here and give me a follow! I will also have a link to my Etsy shop as soon as it is up and running…….did I mention that is happening on Monday?? So make sure to tell your friends, and your friends friends, then their friends friends…you get it!

Thanks and HAPPY HUMP DAY!


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