Back To The Grind

Trying to get “back in the swing of things,” after a long weekend is…..hard.

Very, very, hard.

Especially when I am coming up on yet ANOTHER 3 day weekend as Alex and I travel to Kansas City to see friends this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about this, in fact I couldn’t be more excited! We are going to rockfest and I’m SURE it’s going to be a good time. 🙂

When I left work on Friday I didn’t quite think about all the work I would be coming back to, I was in 3 day weekend mode and ready to eat, drink, and repeat! I did all that and then some. So much in fact Alex and I ended up staying in Lincoln an extra night after spending the majority of it in Omaha. We couldn’t bare the thought of the fun ending! We crashed some parties and of course, drank, and ate some more and then fell into our oversized king bed at the good ole Hampton Inn!

We thought our ride home yesterday would be a leisurely one too. Haha, ohh how life had a different idea for this girl! If anyone knows me, they know I always leave something behind when I visit friends or family.  However in this situation it was the charger to my computer, and I didn’t realize I had forgotten it until I was a good hour from our friends apartment. This definitely wasn’t a situation where I could go without it for a few days either. I HAD AN ETSY SHOP TO OPEN PEOPLE!!! (If you haven’t visited it yet do it, you won’t be disappointed!)

So to make a very long story short, after two trips to Target and a trip to Best Buy I had a charger and we were on our way home. I can’t even MAKE this stuff up people! Remember my post about luck? Seriously, I have ZERO of it.

The good news? We had a great weekend, we saw tons of friends, and my Etsy shop is open and ready for business, wait, did I mention that already?! 🙂




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