When Thursdays Are Fridays


So remember when I said it was hard to, “get in the swing of things,” after a three day weekend?

Well when Thursday is your Friday it is no easier.

That is my situation today. Today is in fact my Friday and I’m definitely not mad about. But this does mean that today will be the longest day EVER.

Ok maybe I’m being dramatic, but anyone who says that their, “Thursday that is a Friday,” isn’t a long ass day is a liar pants.  Sure I have plenty to get done at work today, and that should make the day go by fast, but it never seems to work out that way. This weekend the husband and I are headed to Kansas City to attend Rockfest.   Yes I am attending yet another Rockfest but this time around it has been smooth sailing with the tickets. I didn’t have to battle Ticketmaster, and I also won’t be faced with a sketchy hotel. This is in large part because my friend Beth took care of the details and her luck is WAY better than mine.

So you can imagine my excitement to hit the road tonight and start yet another fun filled 3-day weekend. But for now I better head into work and get this day over with! Happy Friday for me!! It’s still just Thursday for you…….. 🙂




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