The Things I Will Never Unsee From Kansas City Rockfest


img_5438Oh lordy was my age tested this weekend. I never like to consider myself a sissy, but let me just tell you that I think my music festival days are numbered. Don’t get me wrong I had a blast  last weekend at Rockfest in Kansas City, but I most definitely saw things that I will NEVER be able to unsee…….

I am big believer in, “you do you.” If it makes you feel confident then do it!!!! Peace, Love, and Rock man! However, I don’t think as a self-respecting woman you would find me “confidentially” walking around topless. Boobs. Were. EVERYWHERE. Ladies, I have them too, I know what they look like, I don’t really need to see yours….thanks.

Moving on…..bros. Seriously, I get it, you like to mosh. For some reason you feel better about life by running into innocent strangers just simply trying to enjoy their favorite band. Again, do you, but it’s getting a little old. Oh and if you are going to mosh, then have your annoyed girlfriends wait for you outside of said mosh pit. All they do is get in the way of people like me who are just wanting to see Lzzy Hale of Halstorm shred some mad guitar mmmmmkkkkk.  I would take Mr. Moshpit over Annoyed Amy any day. All she does is whine that her boyfriend is ignoring her and she needs another STRAW-BER-RITA DAMN IT!! Girl if you are going to be a pissy pants, then stay home…

But with the bad came the AWESOME! I managed to elbow my way close enough to get a decent picture of Lzzy, I was front and center for Collective Soul, I rocked my face off from a safe distance to Godsmack, and I got to see Sammy Hager sing the Crystal Pepsi song! The company I was with wasn’t to shabby either 🙂 The only thing I would do different next year is fork over the extra $$$$ for VIP, us almost 40 year olds have NO time for all that pushing and boob nonsense!!!!


img_5527 Lzzy Hale

Collective Soul

A bunch of HOOLIGANS!!


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