I Heart Bravo

Hello my name is Julia, and I am addicted to Bravo.

God forgive me for the things I cannot control.  If the TV gods came down and told me I could only pick one channel to watch for the rest of my life. It would be Bravo.

I mean, Andy Cohen. He is reason enough to give up my Showtime and E! forever. The man is a smart, witty, hilarious, and HANDSOME to boot.


You are all going to judge me for the next thing I am about to say and that’s ok, I’m secure with myself, I can take it. But……………………Vanderpump Rules is my jam. I CANNOT get enough of this show, and the made-up, fun to watch, drama that comes along with it. I follow each one of them on Instagram….Ariana, Stassi, Scheana, Kristen, Katie, Britney, LaLa, Jax……..the Toms, even James…yep, no shame.

Ariana and LaLa are my favorites. If you watch the show you are probably face palming and asking yourself, “why the hell does she like LaLa?!” Well I will tell you why, because she is REAL! (Ok, so physically not all of her is real…..but that my friend is not the point) She is 100% herself 100% of the time and accepts all her mistakes as she makes them. Same with Ariana….they keep it ON. THE. LEVEL.

So go ahead and judge away, because as Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York puts it, I give ZERO F*CKS! (sorry mom) 🙂

Am I to the point where I sound like an overly obsessed fan yet? GOOD! I would be lying if I said I didn’t plan my entire Monday night around Vanderpump Rules. The season is over now (sadly) but when it was on I would tell my loving husband to GET LOST, as to not distract me, order a pepperoni pizza, and proceed to eat the ENTIRE thing while I watched like a giddy child on Christmas morning! ……….to much?

Now I wait, I wait for the next season to start.  Are Stassi and Patrick back together? I see he has made an appearance on her Instragram lately!! How are things with Scheana and her new man since the divorce? Will Ariana and Tom EVER GET MARRIED??!!! I JUST CAN’T TAKE THE SUSPENSE!!!!


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