Music Is Life

Circa 2015 with a bunch of hooligans on our way to see our pal Dave play with a little band called Foo Fighters.

Music. It’s just a necessity. I honestly do not understand anyone who says, “I don’t really like music.” I hope I never EVER meet a human that feels this way as I will refuse to hang with them! My day REVOLVES around the tunes playing in the background. On my way to work, at work, after work, cooking supper….OR  watching Alex cook supper, writing, I could go on and on and, well….on.

The inspiration behind this post came from the announcement of Foo Fighters upcoming album Concrete & Gold that is to be released in September followed by a number of fall and winter tour dates. I was lucky enough to see them 2 years ago in Kansas City and it was LIFE CHANGING. Seriously, DAVE GROHL FOR PRESIDENT (hmmmm shirt idea?) He is just an ANIMAL on stage, hilarious, smart, and pretty easy on the eyes ….if you know what I mean. 😉  He broke his leg before the KC show, ( if you haven’t seen the footage youtube “Dave Grohl breaks leg) so because of that he played the ENTIRE 3 HOUR set sitting on a throne of guitars. It was E-P-I-C!

I am so much of a Foo super fan that I tattooed the name of their 6th studio album on my forearm (more on my tattoos in a later post…I’m sure my Mom is looking forward to that one). Don’t know the name of their 6th studio album? GO FIND IT AND LISTEN TO IT! Probably my favorite album, the song Home especially…it’s life changing.

I could sit here and talk for hours on my love for the Foo. But I won’t. Instead I will share with you my top 3 bands and the music I listen to in a typical day. I tend to be more of a rock fan, but there are days I start with Sia and end with Rage Against The Machine. It’s just how I roll.  Peace, Love & Music

1.Foo Fighters–because DAVE.  Favorite Song–TO MANY GREAT ONES.  But obviously I love Home………and Rope…….and Outside… get it.

Foo Fighters

2. Halestorm–because chic rocker. She is the Lita Ford of our generation I swear.  Favorite Song–Break In and Freak Like Me


3. Highly Suspect–because Johnny Stevens shreds like no other. Favorite song–Wolf and Viper Strike

Highly Suspect

This is what my Spotify day usually looks like:

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