Cheers To 5 Years

I mean…how could you NOT fall in love with a girl like me?!

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to come up with a clever post about Alex and I’s 5 year wedding anniversary.

But bloggers block has taken over yet again.

I just have so many memories from way back that I would love to share. But it just turns into rambling, or crying, or rambling crying. So in the best interest of keeping my readers I will keep this post cute……and short.

Alex and I have known each other for 17 years, been together for 9, and married for 5. I can’t imagine going through life without him. He is my best friend, biggest supporter, best shoe finder, enchilada maker extraordinaire, amazing dog dad, and most of all he makes up for my short comings as a “domesticated” wife.  (cooking and cleaning….what’s that?). I thank god every single day that he finally came to his senses and put a ring on it.

Soooooooo CHEERS to 5 years! And if I’m lucky……. 5 more!


Stella – A Boutique That Stole My Heart

Once upon a time I lived in a land called Lincoln Nebraska where the shopping was great and the people drove like idiots.

Ok I just went with that last part. But have you ever driven in downtown Lincoln traffic on a Husker game day, or when school starts, or on any day that ends in y?? It’s a doozy I tell ya! But I am not here to talk about traffic. I am here to talk about shopping. Because shopping is what I am best at.

While living in Lincoln I worked downtown and one day as I was walking back to work after lunch I stumbled upon a little boutique called Stella. From the outside it caught my eye so I decided to stroll in and to this day it was the best decision I ever made. I cannot stress this enough to anyone who reads this blog and lives in or visits Lincoln GO TO STELLA!!! It is located in the heart of downtown Lincoln and they have so many great things. This boutique is something I miss so much about living in Lincoln. They carry pieces that are simple and classic, but still meet the ever changing fashion trends. I have never purchased anything from Stella that I didn’t absolutely love and wear to death.

Not only do they carry clothing but they have things in store from their other ventures, Loft & Craft as well as Hunter Gatherer. Sadly these two businesses came along after I moved so I have yet to experience them. But I plan to!!

Red Pants 1

Red Pants available at Stella Collective.

polka dot jumpsuit 1

Polka Dot Jumpsuit available at Stella Collective. Shoes are Franco Sarto.

Don’t go to Lincoln often? NO PROBLEM! The have an online shop! So go right now and check out what they have. I dare you to not buy something. Seriously I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!


Pretty Fun Things

Pretty fun things.

I like pretty fun things.

I’m pretty sure you guys like pretty fun things too!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a shop that offered pretty fun things? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could get these pretty fun things online too?


Let me introduce you to my newest addiction, that of Alice and Wonder. I came across this online store because I follow The Daily Tay on Instagram. If you don’t follow The Daily Tay you should. Her everyday adventures with her dog Harlow are what make my day. I promise it will do the same for you!

If you find yourself in a shopping and/or style rut you need to visit them online, or if you live in the Chicago area, head over to their new store. They have the “$100 promise” which means you won’t find anything in their shop that exceeds $100 unless they feel that particular piece is worth it. HOW GREAT IS THAT! I do love shopping, but I am on a budget so knowing I can trust that I will find “pretty fun things,” at a reasonable price will keep me a very loyal customer.

I want to make a trip to Chicago specifically to visit their store because it looks so incredibly cool.  It might even up my “cool factor” a little bit. Which could definitely use some help!


Black Jumpsuit — This jumpsuit isn’t available online but I think if you hurry and go over to their Instagram account and send them a direct message they will send it to you if it is still in stock! If they are out of stock, click here for something similar!


Navy jumpsuit is available online!!

I STRONGLY encourage you to go to their site, and shop around! I have a wishlist of things I want to order so stay tuned as you will see A LOT from Alice and Wonder on Sensible Chaos!






My Favorite Things – Make-up Series

make up 2

Many moons ago I worked for Clinique Cosmetics. I started my cosmetic career at Herberger’s in Kearney Nebraska and ended it at Von Maur in Lincoln Nebraska.  While working for Clinique I got a lot of free make-up. In fact I think I still have a few bottles of Clarifying lotion. It’s probably not safe to use but I just can’t bear to part with it. Another separation issues I am sure.

I may have hung up my white lab coat but that doesn’t mean I gave up my love for all things make-up.  You could say I am your quintessential girly girl when it comes to cosmetics. I wouldn’t say I am an expert when it comes to using them, but a trip to Sephora is comparable to the feeling I get when I go to Target. Pure, unaltered joy. A feeling of peace and serenity. Seriously.

As lame (or not) as it might seem I look forward to the quiet time I get with my make-up bag each morning.  So I decided why not share all of my favorite products with you guys! It will be a series of posts and I will be starting with my favorite masks and going all the way to lip color. If you remember not to long ago I shared with you my favorite skin care so we will start with masks!

Every four weeks I visit an estichian. I actually have two. Because yes I’m THAT girl. They are both amazing and I highly recommend them both. Trish is located at A Cut Above in North Platte NE, and then Nicole at Tranquility in Lincoln NE. Nicole is the eyebrow whisperer. Seriously go to her, it will change your life, and that of your eyebrows. Personally I think it is important to visit an expert in skincare as often as possible. Your skin will thank you.

In between my visits to these fine ladies I do a mask about once a week. I got back and forth between each of these GlamGlow masks.

GlamGlow Gravitymud Firming Treatment

glamglow purple

This mask is super fun to use. It smells delicious, and is a space age silver color. It is good for any skin type and helps to tighten the appearance of skin. If fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone is your concern this is the mask for you. It is super easy to use, you get a fun little brush and you basically paint your face. Make sure to really layer this mask on thick as it is a peel off. The more you use the easier it is to get off. Let it rest on your face for 30 minutes and then peel off. I saw a difference in my skins appearance after the first use!

GlamGlow Youthmud Tingleexfoliate Treatment

GlamGlow Black

Can you tell my concerns are wrinkles?  I am officially in the latter part of me 30s so it’s time to start fighting those pesky lines! This mask is great for exfoliating, smells great too! It does have the consistency of mud and can be a bit messy. It is good for all skin types and targets fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and dryness. Leave this mask on for 15 minutes and then use a warm washcloth to rinse off. Both of the GlamGlow masks I have mention are a bit on the pricey side so if you had to pick between the two I would go with GlamGlow Gravity mud.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask


This is a great mask to use in the morning if your skin needs a good boost! It delivers a quick shot of oxygen and a dose of Vitamin C to your skin. It goes on like a foam and sits on your skin for 5 minutes, rinse with warm water, and you are ready for the day. I use this about 2 times a week in the morning.

PeterThomasRoth Cucumber De-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches.

eye patches

Basically these eye patches are a great big dose of moisture for your eyes. They are cooling, soothing, and perfect for anyone who battle dark, puffy, under eye issues. Use these about twice a week. It is important to note that these patches do not replace an eye cream. You still need to use some sort of nighttime eye cream after.

GlamGlow Poutmud Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment

glamglow lip

Can you tell I am a fan of the GlamGlow products? They are pretty darn good. I highly recommend finding your favorites. This is more of a treatment than a mask, but I do this about twice a week before bed. It’s just a simple exfoliator for your lips. I usually follow it up with Rosebud Salve, something else you need to have in your skin care arsenal!

Wow, that’s A LOT! Obviously I do not use all these products at the same time every night. That would be crazy. But I do try to take a night a week and have my own at home spa night. I have come to discover my lack of skincare in my 20s has caught up with me so I am having to make up for lost time!

What are your favorite masks and treatments?

Peace, Love, and Products!

My Hometown–Ansley Nebraska

welcome to Ansley

When I tell people that I have lived in Nebraska my entire life their reactions are all very different. Some people think it’s great, some give me a, “that’s to bad” sigh, and then of course there are those who turn their nose up because they think all us Nebraskans care about is football and corn. They aren’t entirely wrong about that either. We do love our sweet corn, and what is a Saturday in fall without a Husker football party? As a side note, I am not the biggest football fan. Yes I realize this goes against the #1 rule of living in Nebraska but I am just trying to keep it 100 ok! HOWEVER I am not one to turn down a good football party. Snacks and beer??!! I’M THERE!!

Also it has to be said, I don’t quite understand those Nebraska residents that seem to think there isn’t anything west of Lincoln. As if Lincoln and Omaha are the biggest and baddest cities to ever exist and anything else is just empty space. Now I realize not every single human living in the great state of Nebraska thinks this way. I am also not trying to offend anyone. I myself have lived in Lincoln and loved it! But I can’t say I don’t appreciate the quiet time I get when I go back home to my small town.

Where am I going with this? I’m glad you asked! I grew up in the small town of Ansley Nebraska. This last weekend I went home to spend some time with my family and it inspired me to write something about where I grew up.

Ansley is a town, or village if you will, that is populated by 555 residents. It has a main street complete with beauty shops, a barber shop, café, insurance agency, plumber, bank, café, laundromat, car wash, flower shop, hardware store, and post office. There is a convenient store as you enter town where you can buy all the blueberry slushes and mozzarella sticks you want! A pool where I lived as a kid. I still have a scar on my knee where I fell off my bike on my way there. I worked at the cafe when I was in high school. I got my first eyebrow wax at Main Street Styles. That’s when I discovered I had two eyebrows instead of one. (No joke, it was life changing.) I could go on and on about the memories I have at each one of these places.


I bet most of you reading this are expecting me to tell you that I hated growing up in a small town, and it was the worst, and I will NEVER LIVE IN A SMALL TOWN AGAIN! If that is what you are looking for, sorry Charlie but that’s not how this post is going to roll.  The experiences I had growing up weren’t perfect, but whose were? I think I would have had the same meltdowns over boys in a city that I did living in my small town so let’s throw that theory right out the window. Growing up in Ansley worked to my advantage because it has kept me humble. When you live in a small town you don’t have the conveniences of the city. The closest Wal-Mart or Target is 45 minutes away. Want McDonald’s? Then you better drive 15 miles to Broken Bow!! Living in Ansley forced me to create my own life.  It allowed for me to dream about what the future held. If you plant a dream in a small town, you have all the time in the world to watch it grow! (cheesy yes, but so true) This blog is proof of that. I am sure there are a few folks in my little town that think what I am doing with this little blog of mine is silly and pointless and that’s ok.  This is my dream and my reality and I have to foster it the only way I know how. This mind set came from those long summer days as a kid dreaming of where I would be in 30 years. Did I think it would be sitting in McCook Nebraska, married, with a dog writing this very post. Not exactly. I’m sure I thought I would be in a New York City high rise working on my fall 2018 collection for New York Fashion Week. I was a bit off, but hey that could still happen!! You just never know!

So this post went one way, then another way, and ended up getting pretty cheesy so I better stop while I am ahead. Small towns are pretty great. So if you have never been to one. Pick a highway in Nebraska and go on a road trip. There will be corn, and cows, and a few tractors so just be prepared. But you will get a lot of dreaming done along the way!!


What's REALLY In My Bag


I always see these really put together gals with really put together purses. Like if they were to dump it upside down all the contents would fall gracefully in place and look beautifully of course!

So I thought I would give it a try! I grabbed my purse, gave it the ole turn over, and everything came crashing down everywhere. So much for the graceful part.

Even if things didn’t waterfall effortlessly out of my purse, I sure did have some interesting things I had been toting around for the last few weeks. So I thought, what better than to share it with all of you! Truthfully the contents are not all that exciting but I did manage to find a stray earring I have been searching high and low for. Only problem now is I can’t find the other one…..

  1. Stray earring. These circle diamond studs are ones I rarely take out. But occasionally I wake up in the middle of the night with one ear throbbing so I take that earring out and because I’m too lazy I leave the other one in. Yes, you guessed it, there were 3 consecutive days where I went to work and only had one earring in! Nobody said a word. I’m still trying to decide if I should be concerned about that.
  2. Sensible Chaos business cards. Because EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW HOW TO BUY MY COOL SHIRTS! I like to leave them sporadically everywhere. One time I left a card with our waitress’s tip (not AS the tip, WITH the tip..i’m not a lame tipper come on now..). Only to be ran down by her to give it back, she thought I left it behind on accident…that was a awkward encounter for sure.
  3. Ink Pen. A pen I always search for when I need a pen, but can never locate.
  4. Gum and peppermint candy. Because nobody wants gross breath….duh.
  5. Hoop Earrings. You never know when you might end up at the club.
  6. Wallet. Because $$$$$$$
  7. Sunnies. Because…you guessed it, the sun. Is this getting old yet? No? GOOD!
  8. Receipts. Who throws away receipts??
  9. Birthday cards. I am just clinging to my birthday for a bit longer. Don’t judge.
  10. EOS chapstick. Like Napoleon Dynamite, sometimes, my lips  just really hurt.
  12. Spare change. Sometimes I need a Snickers. I get angry when I don’t get a Snickers.  The commercial doesn’t lie.
  13. Hair clip. This hair clip has moved from purse to purse. I have no reason why it’s with me. I think at this point it might have something to do with separation anxiety.
  14. Granola Bar. Because I’m 36 and sometimes I still need an afternoon snack. BTW Sunbelt Chewy Peanut Better Granola Bars are AMAZEBALLS! Seriously tastes just lick a scotcharoo. If you don’t know what a scotcharoo is then I don’t want to be friends with you.

There you have it folks! All the cool stuff I carry around with me every day. One might think I eliminated a few things like the receipts, or that lonely hair clip. HAHA NOPE, they are still chillin’ in ole LV!

What’s REALLY in your purse?

36 & Thriving

me 2

Yesterday I turned 36.

I’m not mad about it.

In fact, it was probably the best Birthday I have had to date. That is until I got stung by a wasp all while thinking, “today was a good day.” (Quote made famous by the one and only  Ice Cube)

Then BAM Walter the wasp decided to bring me back down to earth. I was certain my arm was going to fall off so of course I had to call my Mom. I don’t care what anyone thinks, even at 36 years old I still need my Mom to reassure me of the most ridiculous things.

I’m happy to report that my arm is still intact, and there is just a small red spot where Walter attacked. I’m pretty sure he was just telling me Happy Birthday, so I can’t even stay that mad at him.

I thought you all might enjoy hearing about the highlights of my Birthday. Or you can just humor me and read them because like I said, yesterday was pretty great.

Alex took me to Mac’s Drive-In for lunch. It is a staple if you ever visit McCook. Classic old school drive-in food. I highly recommend it if you ever find yourself in southwest Nebraska. Get the pizza burger and onion rings, you won’t be disappointed!

Mac's Drive-In

Not one, but TWO pairs of shoes showed up on my doorstep yesterday. It pays to be addicted to shoes. Then the shoe gods know when to reign down! shoesSteve Madden Black Wedges found here  Marc Fisher Espadrille sneakers found here

denim jumper 2Denim Jumper found here. **Side note Frankie and Jules has AMAZING clothing, don’t just check out this, look at EVERYTHING!!!

I also got this denim jumper as a birthday present to myself. I am a firm believer in spoiling myself each year on my Birthday. Or I just like to use the excuse to shop, but hey, whatever works right!!

Afternoon cocktails while floating the day away in our pool. It was a balmy 97 degrees here yesterday so it was the only way to spend the afternoon!

Watching Jersey attack the garden hose. I should have captured it on video, makes my life every time she does it!IMG_4292

My birthday ended with dinner cooked by Alex and binge watching Younger. I’m pretty sure 36 is going to be my year. So watch out because I’m comin’ in HOT!!!!!!!


July 4th Jumpsuit

Like any good blogger does around this time of year they post a fun filled 4th of July post!

But…..I have no cute 4th of July clothes. Those who really know me, are probably scratching their heads in utter confustion. How the HELL do I, the queen of shopping, not have a single patriotic dress, swimsuit, or shirt?! It’s true, I don’t. I’m not sure why either. Does this go against some blogger rule? I have no idea. I’m cool with it though, instead I have an awesome denim jumpsuit to share with everyone!!

denim jumpsuit 1denim jumpsuit 7denim jumpsuit

I bought this jumpsuit a few months back at Von Maur and it is no longer available on their website or in-store. But don’t fret! I did find it here, so go buy it now or cry later! It’s so comfortable, soft, and the length is on point.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet as Alex, Jersey, and I have a big day planned! It consists of an inflatable pool and some adult beverages!! The adult beverages are for Alex and I, Jersey mostly sticks to H2O.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend!!

Braod City 4th