What's REALLY In My Bag


I always see these really put together gals with really put together purses. Like if they were to dump it upside down all the contents would fall gracefully in place and look beautifully of course!

So I thought I would give it a try! I grabbed my purse, gave it the ole turn over, and everything came crashing down everywhere. So much for the graceful part.

Even if things didn’t waterfall effortlessly out of my purse, I sure did have some interesting things I had been toting around for the last few weeks. So I thought, what better than to share it with all of you! Truthfully the contents are not all that exciting but I did manage to find a stray earring I have been searching high and low for. Only problem now is I can’t find the other one…..

  1. Stray earring. These circle diamond studs are ones I rarely take out. But occasionally I wake up in the middle of the night with one ear throbbing so I take that earring out and because I’m too lazy I leave the other one in. Yes, you guessed it, there were 3 consecutive days where I went to work and only had one earring in! Nobody said a word. I’m still trying to decide if I should be concerned about that.
  2. Sensible Chaos business cards. Because EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW HOW TO BUY MY COOL SHIRTS! I like to leave them sporadically everywhere. One time I left a card with our waitress’s tip (not AS the tip, WITH the tip..i’m not a lame tipper come on now..). Only to be ran down by her to give it back, she thought I left it behind on accident…that was a awkward encounter for sure.
  3. Ink Pen. A pen I always search for when I need a pen, but can never locate.
  4. Gum and peppermint candy. Because nobody wants gross breath….duh.
  5. Hoop Earrings. You never know when you might end up at the club.
  6. Wallet. Because $$$$$$$
  7. Sunnies. Because…you guessed it, the sun. Is this getting old yet? No? GOOD!
  8. Receipts. Who throws away receipts??
  9. Birthday cards. I am just clinging to my birthday for a bit longer. Don’t judge.
  10. EOS chapstick. Like Napoleon Dynamite, sometimes, my lips  just really hurt.
  12. Spare change. Sometimes I need a Snickers. I get angry when I don’t get a Snickers.  The commercial doesn’t lie.
  13. Hair clip. This hair clip has moved from purse to purse. I have no reason why it’s with me. I think at this point it might have something to do with separation anxiety.
  14. Granola Bar. Because I’m 36 and sometimes I still need an afternoon snack. BTW Sunbelt Chewy Peanut Better Granola Bars are AMAZEBALLS! Seriously tastes just lick a scotcharoo. If you don’t know what a scotcharoo is then I don’t want to be friends with you.

There you have it folks! All the cool stuff I carry around with me every day. One might think I eliminated a few things like the receipts, or that lonely hair clip. HAHA NOPE, they are still chillin’ in ole LV!

What’s REALLY in your purse?

11 thoughts on “What's REALLY In My Bag

  1. Julia,
    What about your mobile? I’m sure that’s always in your bag too…
    I used to hate having spare change in my bag and try to get away without having to pay cash these days!

  2. I LOVE this post lol. My purse has so much change that when I finally empty it out it feels like I’ve forgotten something important because my purse loses five pounds.

  3. Your bag is not bad at all…I cant show what is in my bag because it’s a mess …lol but you see on so many posts that their bags and the stuff inside are like brand new and everything is perfect… lol

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