My Hometown–Ansley Nebraska

welcome to Ansley

When I tell people that I have lived in Nebraska my entire life their reactions are all very different. Some people think it’s great, some give me a, “that’s to bad” sigh, and then of course there are those who turn their nose up because they think all us Nebraskans care about is football and corn. They aren’t entirely wrong about that either. We do love our sweet corn, and what is a Saturday in fall without a Husker football party? As a side note, I am not the biggest football fan. Yes I realize this goes against the #1 rule of living in Nebraska but I am just trying to keep it 100 ok! HOWEVER I am not one to turn down a good football party. Snacks and beer??!! I’M THERE!!

Also it has to be said, I don’t quite understand those Nebraska residents that seem to think there isn’t anything west of Lincoln. As if Lincoln and Omaha are the biggest and baddest cities to ever exist and anything else is just empty space. Now I realize not every single human living in the great state of Nebraska thinks this way. I am also not trying to offend anyone. I myself have lived in Lincoln and loved it! But I can’t say I don’t appreciate the quiet time I get when I go back home to my small town.

Where am I going with this? I’m glad you asked! I grew up in the small town of Ansley Nebraska. This last weekend I went home to spend some time with my family and it inspired me to write something about where I grew up.

Ansley is a town, or village if you will, that is populated by 555 residents. It has a main street complete with beauty shops, a barber shop, café, insurance agency, plumber, bank, café, laundromat, car wash, flower shop, hardware store, and post office. There is a convenient store as you enter town where you can buy all the blueberry slushes and mozzarella sticks you want! A pool where I lived as a kid. I still have a scar on my knee where I fell off my bike on my way there. I worked at the cafe when I was in high school. I got my first eyebrow wax at Main Street Styles. That’s when I discovered I had two eyebrows instead of one. (No joke, it was life changing.) I could go on and on about the memories I have at each one of these places.


I bet most of you reading this are expecting me to tell you that I hated growing up in a small town, and it was the worst, and I will NEVER LIVE IN A SMALL TOWN AGAIN! If that is what you are looking for, sorry Charlie but that’s not how this post is going to roll.  The experiences I had growing up weren’t perfect, but whose were? I think I would have had the same meltdowns over boys in a city that I did living in my small town so let’s throw that theory right out the window. Growing up in Ansley worked to my advantage because it has kept me humble. When you live in a small town you don’t have the conveniences of the city. The closest Wal-Mart or Target is 45 minutes away. Want McDonald’s? Then you better drive 15 miles to Broken Bow!! Living in Ansley forced me to create my own life.  It allowed for me to dream about what the future held. If you plant a dream in a small town, you have all the time in the world to watch it grow! (cheesy yes, but so true) This blog is proof of that. I am sure there are a few folks in my little town that think what I am doing with this little blog of mine is silly and pointless and that’s ok.  This is my dream and my reality and I have to foster it the only way I know how. This mind set came from those long summer days as a kid dreaming of where I would be in 30 years. Did I think it would be sitting in McCook Nebraska, married, with a dog writing this very post. Not exactly. I’m sure I thought I would be in a New York City high rise working on my fall 2018 collection for New York Fashion Week. I was a bit off, but hey that could still happen!! You just never know!

So this post went one way, then another way, and ended up getting pretty cheesy so I better stop while I am ahead. Small towns are pretty great. So if you have never been to one. Pick a highway in Nebraska and go on a road trip. There will be corn, and cows, and a few tractors so just be prepared. But you will get a lot of dreaming done along the way!!


4 thoughts on “My Hometown–Ansley Nebraska

  1. Ansley is the best! I have the fondest memories of visiting during the summer, attending the carnival on Main Street, twirling on the bar stools in my Grandpa Doyle’s cafe, stuffing my face with penny gumballs from the machine, playing on the swings at the park, going to school with my cousin Jason and meeting one of my best friends ever (and boy, is she amazing!) — the list goes on and on! It’s a special place. Even if my mom left at 17 and never looked back. 😉

    Everyone should visit Ansley. Have a summer crush on a slow talking small town boy. Get drunk in a cornfield. Swing on the porch swing for hours. <3

  2. I love hearing about people’s hometowns–particularly in places where I’ve never spent a significant amount of time. I drove through Nebraska once on the way to somewhere else, and I couldn’t help but wonder what people’s lives were like in towns that were so much smaller than even my small town, and so far from anything I’d ever known. I loved hearing about your experiences here, and seeing the photos. Thanks for sharing with us!

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