Stella – A Boutique That Stole My Heart

Once upon a time I lived in a land called Lincoln Nebraska where the shopping was great and the people drove like idiots.

Ok I just went with that last part. But have you ever driven in downtown Lincoln traffic on a Husker game day, or when school starts, or on any day that ends in y?? It’s a doozy I tell ya! But I am not here to talk about traffic. I am here to talk about shopping. Because shopping is what I am best at.

While living in Lincoln I worked downtown and one day as I was walking back to work after lunch I stumbled upon a little boutique called Stella. From the outside it caught my eye so I decided to stroll in and to this day it was the best decision I ever made. I cannot stress this enough to anyone who reads this blog and lives in or visits Lincoln GO TO STELLA!!! It is located in the heart of downtown Lincoln and they have so many great things. This boutique is something I miss so much about living in Lincoln. They carry pieces that are simple and classic, but still meet the ever changing fashion trends. I have never purchased anything from Stella that I didn’t absolutely love and wear to death.

Not only do they carry clothing but they have things in store from their other ventures, Loft & Craft as well as Hunter Gatherer. Sadly these two businesses came along after I moved so I have yet to experience them. But I plan to!!

Red Pants 1

Red Pants available at Stella Collective.

polka dot jumpsuit 1

Polka Dot Jumpsuit available at Stella Collective. Shoes are Franco Sarto.

Don’t go to Lincoln often? NO PROBLEM! The have an online shop! So go right now and check out what they have. I dare you to not buy something. Seriously I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!


19 thoughts on “Stella – A Boutique That Stole My Heart

  1. Ok those red pants are so cute! I don’t live near there but I will have to check out their website because the clothes seem really cute! You look fab in both outfits xx

  2. Totally went to the site!!! Love the red pants and the jumpsuit! All the clothes are cute but a little too pricey for me currently! I’ll have to go to the site again soon!!!

  3. Those red pants are too cute. I’ve never been anywhere near Lincoln but geez I definitely
    need to find a replica pair 😍

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