Cheers To 5 Years

I mean…how could you NOT fall in love with a girl like me?!

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to come up with a clever post about Alex and I’s 5 year wedding anniversary.

But bloggers block has taken over yet again.

I just have so many memories from way back that I would love to share. But it just turns into rambling, or crying, or rambling crying. So in the best interest of keeping my readers I will keep this post cute……and short.

Alex and I have known each other for 17 years, been together for 9, and married for 5. I can’t imagine going through life without him. He is my best friend, biggest supporter, best shoe finder, enchilada maker extraordinaire, amazing dog dad, and most of all he makes up for my short comings as a “domesticated” wife.  (cooking and cleaning….what’s that?). I thank god every single day that he finally came to his senses and put a ring on it.

Soooooooo CHEERS to 5 years! And if I’m lucky……. 5 more!


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