My Interview with Erin from A Beautiful Life, The Journey

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Blogging can be hard.

I know most people think us bloggers just sit behind a computer screen and talk about where we like to shop, what beauty products we love, what we like to eat, blah blah blah. But I am here to tell you there is a lot more to it than that. Sure some bloggers have an eye for fashion, love food (who doesn’t love food?), and has the remedy to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. BUT it takes a lot of time and inspiration to come up with all that witty and clever content you read each week.  You have heard me talk about it many times before but bloggers block is real, and it’s the worst.

BUT blogging can be pretty great for making new blogger friends who can relate to those days you spend sitting in front of a blank word document for hours. One such friend of mine goes by the name Erin. If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you have heard me talk about her a time or two in my ever so enlightening Insta-videos. She was the first blogger friend I made and I am so happy that I have her to pick me up when I am feeling low, and reminds to just keep on a keepin’ on! She created a blog that is filled with encouraging words and themes. I find myself always gravitating towards her writing when I feel like throwing in the towel on this whole blog thing!

She featured me on her blog and now it’s my turn to return the favor. I was able to do a short interview with her about why she started blogging.  Also if she prefers dogs or cats….because that my friends is a very important question.

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J-Tell me all about YOU!

 E-Well first off I am almost 30 which is crazy to even think, yet alone say. I have an amazing husband who I love so much and am so proud of for going back to school and getting his degree in computer science. He is a hard worker and an amazing cook, thank God, I am not great at cooking. I have some incredible friends who have become very much like my family while living here in Springfield Missouri. I am an orchestra teacher throughout the year, so I am currently on summer break and loving it! I have my own private violin/viola studio and I am a professional violinist in Springfield area performing in a couple symphonies, weddings and random gigs, and have been a soloist with a couple symphonies in Kansas City.

J-How did you first get into blogging?

E-I first decided to start blogging because I wanted to be able to write about my students and teaching. I started the blog in March, and March is music in our schools month and I thought it would be interesting to blog about the fun things I had planned for my students throughout march. But over the summer, my blog has evolved into a place that I enjoy to write about daily life, fashions, decor/home styling, but above all encouraging others on their journey of life. Life can be hard sometimes and we need others who can help encourage us and cheer us on in our journey, and I always hope that my posts will be a source of light and encouragement.

J-You just started a new segment on your blog called “Boss Babes,” what is your purpose behind this new segment and how did you come up with it?

E-I am super excited about this new segment in which I will be highlighting awesome girls with incredible jobs that they either stated or are a part of. I wanted to showcase some really cool companies and how those companies got started and why they were started. I started thinking about this segment when I interviewed you about your shirts. I so enjoyed learning more about you and getting to highlight your business and you as a person. I want to continue to encourage girls and women to pursue their dreams and to keep being a “Boss Babe.

J-One of my favorite things about your blog is the Daily Encouragements. I especially love the #randomloveletter concept! How did you get started in this?

E-Well the #randomloveletter is something that got started by someone else and I just decided I wanted to join the challenge. I started my daily encouragement page because I think everyone could always use some encouragement and that is something that I always want to offer in my blog. I always want to be inspiring and encouraging to my readers, to my fellow bloggers, and to women all over. It makes me smile to leave an encouraging anonymous letter and think about the person that may see it or take it, and hopefully it will make them smile and mean something to them.

J-Describe your personal style and is there who is a fashion inspiration to you?

E-I have a couple different styles, but my main personal style I would say is boho chic! I love long flowy skirts, belled sleeves, suede, bell bottoms, and flowy dresses with hats. I also love mixing this style with materials like leather jackets and boots for a bohemian rocker look. I usually do this over the fall and winter months. But my go to look when I have to get stuff done is usually a ball cap, a cute graphic tee or tank and jeans.

J-What do you like to do when you aren’t blogging?

E-I love to travel and see new places and experience new things. I love music and art, hanging out with my best friends and my hubby, drinking a good cab, eating good food (I love food), sleeping in when I can, walking/ hiking or being out in nature, and writing.

J-Last, but certainly not least…..Dogs or Cats?

E-I love both. I actually had a cat and a dog growing up! I had a gray tabby named Amelia and the smartest dog ever, Hershey, which was a mix between a black lab and an Irish Setter. She was the cutest and the perfect size!!!

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If you want to learn more about Erin and why she is so great head over to her blog, A Beautiful Life, The Journey!


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  1. My problem is not so much the bloggers’ block, but the keeping motivated to actually follow through on post ideas when it feels like no one is listening. And a feeling of isolation kind of! How did you two find blogger friends, that’s something I’ve struggled with?

    1. I joined a few blogger Facebook groups and honestly just engaging with people who comment on you social media platforms has helped me a lot!!

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