I Finally Got A Surprise Party

So two weekends ago I had a surprise party.

It was Epic.

Just watch the video below for my very graceful and put together reaction.


A little back story.

For a solid 9 years (as long as Alex and I have been together for those who don’t know) I have been obnoxiously annoying him to throw me a surprise party. Some might be saying, “Julia, doesn’t that negate the whole point of a surprise party?” Well for me no. I can’t remember where I put my shoes I just took off two minutes ago. I sure as hell am not going to remember asking for a surprise party.

On July 6th (my birthday) the day came and went. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great day filled with pool floating and cocktail drinking. But I would be lying if I didn’t think maybe he would have planned SOMETHING, but nonetheless I stayed #grateful for what I got and strapped in for year 36.  Another year with no surprise party and I was somewhat ok with it, but you know I had to bug Alex about it just a little bit.

So fast forward a few weeks and we headed to Lincoln (NE) to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday July 28th (our actual anniversary). That night we went to dinner at our favorite spot Misty’s (get the pasta Alfredo with blackened prime rib it won’t disappoint) then back to the hotel to pop some champagne and celebrate another year of putting up with each other! In bed by 10 falling asleep to American Greed on MSNBC. We are quite the romantics.

The next day was full of bloody mary’s, tipsy shopping, and rooftop happy hours. To my delight when we got back to our hotel room MTV had a marathon of The Hills playing so YOU KNOW I poured myself a glass of Rosé and hunkered in to watch at least 4 episodes. Coincident or not the first episode was when the gang threw Lauren a surprise party on a boat. You bet I had to point this out to Alex.

On my second episode of The Hills Alex tells me I need to get ready……two glasses of Rosé in and I didn’t want to. What’s the rush? Sure we had to meet friends for “dinner” but that wasn’t for 2 hours!!

Still no clue.

I reluctantly tear myself away from the drama that is Heidi and Spencer and start to get ready. Alex suggested we go to Legends, the bar in the hotel, for a quick drink before meeting our friends across the street for, “dinner.” I didn’t even flinch at the suggestion. I mean, more Rosé…I wasn’t going to say no!

Around 6:30ish we head down to Legends to grab a “drink” and the first person I spot is my Mom. Then my sister…………THEN ALLLLLLL OF MY FRIENDS! It took only one second for me to realize that this was my surprise party. Of course I cried, and cursed (sorry mom), and blubbered. Alex pulled it off and I had zero clue. Do you think the surprises stopped there? NOPE! From around the corner came my best friend Maggie. Maggie traveled all the way from Minneapolis so she could join in the surprise fun. (FYI Maggie is at the end of the video)

The rest of the evening was spent drinking, and happy crying, and telling everyone how much I loved them, and splitting my pants. That last part is no joke, I LITERALLY SPLIT the side of the pants to my polka dot jumpsuit. But you know what…..I didn’t care, I just found some duct tape from the bar and sealed that shit up and headed to the next spot!

To all the friends that came, and to all the friends that planned to come but couldn’t make it, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK so very much for making that night so incredibly great for me. I feel so damn lucky to call all of you my bests!!

The Family
This is my family…thought you might like some faces with those I speak of on this blog. They all love it, they just don’t want to admit it! Front Left to Right: Anne-sister ME Kathy-mom Back: Thomas-bro-in-law Alex-hubby Dale-Dad

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  1. I am so happy for you!!! I have wanted one as well, but haven’t had one yet… it’s the big 30 for me, so we will see if it happens this December! I loved the videos and your writing in this post! I could totally see you doing all those things!!!

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