Raised In The 308

It’s getting to be that time of year again! FOOTBALL SEASON! A time of year for beer, snacks, and screaming at the TV! So what better time to create some new shirts for Sensible Chaos.

If you are anything like me, you are mostly in it for the beer and snacks. I know, how can I possibly consider myself a true Nebraskan if I didn’t bleed Husker red??!! I just can’t bring myself to get into Football. Now, I have started to get a bit more invested into Husker nation but I am very easily distracted and if something shiny fly’s by my face I start thinking about butterflies.

HOWEVER I will forever watch football for all the cream cheese based snacks, bloody mary’s, and beer! I have a deep appreciation for snacks, basically food in general. So I will never pass on a good football party because while everyone is screaming and hollering at the TV, I am parked at the snack table stuffing my face with spinach and artichoke dip and little smokies!

fb outfit outside 4

This Is My Football Shirt

So for all those ladies out there that love the football snacks, but not so much the football..I have created just the shirt for you!!!!

Now, I can’t create a football shirt with Nebraska in mind if I don’t shout out the area I grew up in! I am proud to have been, “Raised In The 308.” For all my 402 ladies I didn’t forget about you, that shirt is in the works!!

308 outside 1

Raised In The 308

I am looking into creating different “Raised In….” shirts for all different states and area codes so if you are interested in a shirt for your state let me know. I will also be creating the, “This Is My Football Shirt,” in different colors to represent everyone’s favorite team!

So head on over to Sensible Chaos Shop and get your shirt today!

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