My Top 5 Favorite Bloggers

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What do I, a self-proclaimed blogger, do when I don’t  have a clue what to write about?

I blog about other bloggers…THAT’S WHAT!

Today I am sharing with you my top 5 favorite bloggers. I mean, I could make this my top 100 favorite blogger list…but then you would think all I do all day is stalk bloggers…and perhaps I do…#noshameinmyblogginggame

Let’s get started!

The Daily Tay

OBVIOUSLY Taylor would be on my list. I have said it a million times before and I will say it again. If you don’t follow her on Instagram YOU NEED to. You will be better for it I swear. She has the best dog Harlow and their adventures to the dog park are something to see. On her blog you will find anything from stories from her family vacations, to the life of a t-shirt lady.

Sunsets and Stilettos

Deb of Sunsets and Stilettos is something else. If you don’t follow her on Instagram YOU SHOULD! She is an introverts dream and has a very unique and fun sense of humor. Her segments, “Things I Am Hating Right Now,” and “On Notice,” are worth looking out for.  On her blog you will find fun and affordable outfit ideas.

Those White Walls

I have absolutely no idea how I found Ali’s blog but I AM SO GLAD I DID. I feel like she is the Carrie Bradshaw of Chicago minus all the Mr. Big drama. She has the cutest bulldog named Obi and a loft apartment that I feel like came straight from HGTV. She is a photographer and jewelry designer with an impeccable fashion sense.

The Daybook

First thing you need to do once you go to Sydney’s blog is read the “about” section, it is by far one of the best things I have ever read! Her posts are super relatable and I truly feel like I could just call her up and we could hang out….but I won’t, because she has no idea who I am. So that would be weird.

The Basics 

Oh Chloe!! I stumbled upon Chole through my love of The Daily Tay and I can’t get enough of her. She has just ventured out and is working for herself and she couldn’t be more of an inspiration to wannabe bloggers like myself. She has all kinds of great reads and not so recently went on a two-week camping excursion and blogged all about it. It almost makes me want to try camping…..and by almost I mean it ALMOST makes me want to find a cabin with running water and wifi to stay in for an extended period of time. #glamping

There you have it folks! These are the bloggers I only hope to be as talented as someday. What bloggers do you admire?

Peace, Love, and Blogging



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  1. I am so glad you wrote about these ladies!!! I looked them up and I am in LOVE! all of these ladies are so cool and I love how they write! Nice work, girl!

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