Fall Has Arrived


Green Dress

It’s official. Fall has arrived.

Unlike most bloggers, fall is just another season I have to “survive.”

Sure I love a good Pumpkin Spice Latte on a brisk fall morning. Of course there is nothing better than the smell of chili in a crockpot as I prepare to not watch a stitch of football with my husband on a Saturday afternoon. Oh and the candles! Don’t even get me started on the amount of fall candles that I may or may not have purchased…back in July….

Why do I have to survive fall you ask? Because of all the sweaters, hats, boots, and scarves I will tell myself I don’t need but end up buying anyway. It’s a never ending battle with me. Even writing this post, I had to pause twice because I got sidetracked by online sales. #bloggingpriorities

So while all of my favorite bloggers embrace this fall season…I am still on the fence. However I will be hanging out on said fence with my apple pie scented candles, pumpkin beer, and cardigan.

Frankie and Jules


Although I am worried about my spending habits walking into this season, I might as well look good doing it right?! I snagged this olive green button down dress from my favorite boutique in Kansas City Frankie and Jules. The boots are Free People and I have had them for years. By far my favorite pair. They are no longer available, but here is a pair that I am dying to purchase….see it’s truly a problem. But the best KIND of problem if you ask me!

Peace, Love, and Pumpkins

5 thoughts on “Fall Has Arrived

  1. I truly love Fall but it is my downfall too. I see a cute dress, boots, or anything Fall related decor wise i’m toast! And that dress is super cute!! We need a Fankie and Jules in SC!!

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