Blogger On A Budget Part II – Summer To Fall Transition

The transition from Summer to Fall  is the absolute worst.

Perhaps its just me, but once those leaves start to change I know I am going to start each morning with about 4 layers on because I am cold. Then by midafternoon I am ready to peel of my Tuesday Zebra print blouse. Confused by the Zebra print blouse reference? Go here and read up, I promise you will be entertained!

But the upside to this problem is being able to take your favorite summer looks and turn them in to your fall favorites!  Does that read as cheesy as it sounds in my head? Sure does.

Moving on.

This is also something you can do if you are like me, and have limited $$$ because you spent it all buying anything velvet (it’s going to be BIG this season) and you need a fresh new fall look.

This denim jumpsuit is my FAVORITE. It is lightweight, comfortable, and the length is perfect. Full length jumpsuits can be hard for me because I’m too short for long length pants but to tall for regular length pants. Yep folks I had one eyebrow growing up and I have yet to grow out of “my awkward height stage.” #36yearoldproblems

denim jumpsuite 2


Need I explain the cardigan?  It’s fall and the first thing I do when the fall season hits is break out last season cardi’s then buy about 10 more. Because what is fall without cardigans, pumpkin spice lattes, and basic blogger pictures in cardigans…holding pumpkin spice lattes.

Anyway, per usual this post went many directions so I think this would be a great place to stop. I encourage you to go find that perfect summer piece and make into a fall season staple. I promise it will be life changing. Or at least save you a little bit of $$$ 🙂


Shop my look

denim jumpsuit cardigan tan booties


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