Jersey Girl

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6 months ago today Alex took our sweet fur baby to the vet. She needed a shot and her nails trimmed. Normal dog stuff. Jersey goes nuts for the vet, as any dog does. Can you imagine if humans where EVER that excited to go to the doctor?! Think about how easy it would have been as a child to get a shot if you looked at it like dogs do. Just one of many reasons why a dog is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to a human.

On this particular visit though, Alex wasn’t given the best news. The vet told him that Jersey had a tumor on her stomach and gave her at most, 6 months to live. This did explain a lot. She hadn’t been eating well, even when we covered her food with treats. She wasn’t as rambunctious as she once was, and she was coming up on her 12th birthday.  As dog parents you never want to hear this kind of news. Sure you try to prepare the best you can, but how do you? Dogs, like grandparents, are just NEVER suppose to leave us!

That was all 6 months ago. Since we got the news we have switched her food and stopped giving her any form of “people food.” We have seen a gradual change in her appetite and she has even gotten a little bit of her spark back. She went back to the vet on Monday and hasn’t lost any weight and for all that the doctor could see, she was doing fine. Alex had been reluctant to take her back to the vet out of fear for more bad news. So even though Alex got a simple, “she is doing fine” he basically heard, “your dog is eternal and will live forever!” Selective hearing has always been a strong suit of Alex’s.

So this morning when I was putting my shoes on for work Jersey came over and sat right next to me. As she does most mornings, her way of telling me she would prefer that I stay home (me too girl….me too), and that is when I realized we had hit an amazing milestone.

As I scratched her ears and kissed her forehead she looked right at me as to say, “I’m going to be alright mom, I promise!” I honestly had to choke back tears. Jersey is more than a dog, she is more than my fur baby, she is my best friend. Alex spends a lot of time on the road so she is the one to keep me company while I watch The Real Housewives of New York. She reassures me each morning that I do not look fat in my corporate apparel. She is beside herself with excitement each and every time I come home from work. I am a better person because of her, and I truly believe she is eternal.

I could spend all day writing about how much I love my four legged best friend, but I think I have used up my sappy card for the day.  If you have a fur baby give her an extra snuggle today…and tell him or her it’s from Jersey!

The adorable German Shepard in these photos is Jersey’s best friend Ruby!!


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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who just looks at their dogs and just gets tears in their eyes from love! I’m so glad she’s still doing okay!! Lots of love and Sahara Kisses back at you from Sahara and myself!

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