This Velvet Trend


Velvet is life right now.

Ok, perhaps I am the only one who feels this way. But let’s just take a moment and talk about how much velvet we are seeing this fall/winter season. If you ask either one of my nieces, velvet isn’t cool. I should probably listen to them. They are literally the coolest of the cool. They know more about how to live your best life than I do. Did I just stumble upon a new idea for a post? “Life According to Kenna and Halle,” coming soon!

Back to the velvet. You could say my obsession started back in ’99 at my junior prom.  You guessed it, my dress was velvet. Not the ENTIRE dress but just the top part. I loved that dress. I still have that dress. If only it still fit….

I found all of these pieces over the last couple of months. By far my favorite is this midi skirt from Alice and Wonder. If you haven’t checked them out you need to! Follow them on Instagram too. They work a lot with two of my favorite bloggers, Taylor from The Daily Tay, and Ali from Those White Walls. Last week they did a holiday photoshoot with both ladies and had a bunch of sneak peeks of what’s coming to their store for the holidays. Everything I saw, I WILL NEED!! I am planning a trip to Chicago for the sole purpose of going to Alice and Wonder, and I have no shame about it!

velvet skirt


This  jumpsuit is from the best place on earth, Target. It’s a magical land filled with magical things. I dare you to go there and only buy toothpaste.

velvet jumpsuit

This  dress is from Express. You might remember it from my “Favorite Fall Items,” post I did last month. I have found a ton of super great things from Express lately. It’s funny, back in the day when I went there to shop it was for “going out shirts,” now it’s for “holiday parties I will only stay at until 9:00 P.M.” Oh how life changes.

velvet dress 1

I encourage you to try out this new velvet trend. When it comes to shopping and fashion I promise to never lead you astray!


Shop my looks!

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  1. So funny, my junior homecoming dress was burgundy velvet. I’ve always loved velvet and am so glad it’s in style right now.

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