What Happens In Minneapolis




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When you travel hours to Minneapolis to hang out with all of your best friends.

Things happen.

Don’t worry Mom, I didn’t do anything to incriminating. This isn’t one of those,  “what happens in Minneapolis stays in Minneapolis” sort of posts. Or is it?!

ANYWAY I don’t plan on embarrassing myself or my friends. I won’t talk about the panda bear and unicorn onesie’s that came out on Friday night. Or my ability to find a runway to Vogue down in any bar I enter.

Oh, and I definitely won’t talk about all of the wigs.

What I will discuss is that I have the best group of friends a girl could ask for. Each one of these fine ladies below purchased a shirt from my shop (Sensible Chaos check it out!) to wear last weekend. I myself hadn’t planned on pushing my shirts that weekend, but these gals did!

Hell of a business woman I am.

Moving on.


So there we are, all in our matching shirts having the best time. Good thing considering the Huskers played horribly. (Scott Frosts anyone?) It’s pretty sad when you can get tickets for $10 apiece. Did I waste my $10 on a ticket? HELL NO! I spent that money on Vodka Tonic’s and cheese curds. #priorities

We even got a little classy on this trip going to the Loews hotel for drinks. I drank ALL of the champagne and I drank it out of all the fancy champagne glasses.

Because I’m fancy.

Also it was only natural we end our time at Loews with an elevator selfie. Don’t act like you wouldn’t do it, because you totally would.

A weekend full of random happenings, lots of adult beverages, many baskets of cheese curds, and lots of laughter. By far one of the best weekends I have had in a while. Until next time Minneapolis!!




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