My Favorite Christmas Story

6 year old me
Me circa 1987 Don’t be to jealous my cool ‘do

What would Christmas be without a good old fashion Christmas story?! No I’m not talking about Rudolph, or Buddy the Elf’s trip to find his dad. I am talking about a block of wood. A Christmas block of wood if you will.

Christmas Block of Wood sill
The Christmas block of wood in all it’s glory!

Let me set the scene for you. It was 1987 and I was at Sunday school, we just had a riveting lesson on baby Jesus and like a good little angel I was waiting quietly for the next activity.  In front me is placed a block of wood and a number of different paints. Forgive me for not remembering the directions that were given as to what to do with the block of wood.  Truth be told, I probably wasn’t paying attention anyway. I mean, there was wood, paint, and glitter…..GLITTER! How does a 6 year old pay attention to anything when there is glitter in front of them?! I went to town creating a masterpiece. I knew my Mom would probably stop putting up the Christmas tree and just have this magnificent piece of art out for all to see.

Of course after Sunday school is church and I knew I wouldn’t be able to show my Mom what I had made until the hour long service was over. TALK ABOUT THE LONGEST HOUR OF MY LIFE! As soon as I knew it was safe I ran to get my beautiful artwork and give it to my Mom. As I predicted she loved it. I mean, what mom wouldn’t love a piece of wood painted blue with red glitter?!

Then in the sweetest most loving voice my Mom asked…..what is it?

close up block of wood copy
Here is a diagram for

WHAT IS IT?! DUH MOM it’s a Christmas tree, angel, and baby Jesus can’t you tell?! I mean I saw it, so I had no idea how she couldn’t. But nonetheless she was the proudest mom that day and displayed my work in the windowsill of our family living room for all to see. I spent that entire Sunday proudly staring at what I had created. I soon realized however, it was missing………………something.  So I got a pencil and went to town, gave the angel a solid curly ‘do and of course the tree needed a star! PERFECT!

Every year since that block of wood was brought home my Mom displays it in the same windowsill.  My family won’t admit it but they look forward to that decoration even more than the tree. Tragedy struck last week when Kathy (mom) couldn’t locate the Christmas block of wood! I TOLD HER CHRISTMAS WAS CANCELLED IF SHE COULDN’T FIND IT!

Thankfully, she was able to locate it, and it is sitting peacefully in the windowsill. Christmas can resume.

Next year I will tell the tale of the Christmas can, another Sunday school creation.


 6 year old me 2

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  1. Ok, this was like the best thing I have read lately… I was dying laughing and remembering all of those crafts I used to make. You crack me up with your fun stories! Thanks for being unique and awesome! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy Almst New Year!

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