The Art of Over Packing



We all do it.

 This may surprise some of you (NOT) but I am guilty of overpacking.

Tomorrow I leave for a fun filled weekend away with my lady pals from college. I have been looking forward to this all week. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to pack and was feeling pretty darn confident that I wouldn’t pack….to much.

I began packing at 11:00 this morning and finished up…..about an hour ago.

Should it have taken me allllllllll day to pack?


Do I REALLY need a full-size suitcase, bag, and tote for a two-day trip?


Typically I like to show up to someone’s house as if I am moving in. When traveling by car, this theory works great. By plane…..not so much. Especially when I am expected to only bring one suitcase.

One suitcase? That’s a joke, right? How am I supposed to fit the outfits I BOUGHT for the trip, the BACKUP outfits to the outfits I purchased, then the BACKUP to the backup outfits in case I am feeling fat? Not to mention the amount of shit I put on my face to make sure I don’t scare small children.

Let’s not forget all the things I need to help me sleep (high maintenance…, I just really value sleep….ok maybe high maintenance just a touch). My own pillow, blanket, computer so I can watch Friends…..white noise machine.

Yes, I travel with a white noise machine.

There was one time I traveled to Chicago with one suitcase. It seemed handy until I had to figure out how to fit all Michigan Avenue purchases in my carryon. I can’t relive that…it was just too traumatizing. Not the trip, the trip was great…but the idea of one suitcase…gets me all sorts of worked up.

So to all my fellow over-packers out there I salute you. Don’t ever let anyone steal your overpacking sunshine!


5 thoughts on “The Art of Over Packing

  1. This is too funny and totally me too! I bring so much stuff with me… it drives Dave crazy! I totally feel you on needing outfits for the backup outfits and then some in case those don’t work. Hehe! I have you have an amazing time with your girlfriends this weekend! Can’t wait to see some stories of your fun times!

  2. I used to be just like that, and loved it! Since I now travel a lot for work, I’ve been forced to learn to edit my bag and decide what really matters. There’s always that *one* thing I end up forgetting though, and it drives me crazy! I’d rather overpack and not use everything than be stuck with a few things. Over packers unite!

  3. I once packed 2 suitcases for a 4 night trip 🙄 Haha. I found making a pre day by day outfit list helped me curb overpacking! Not sure if that makes me crazier then if I overpack tho? 🙈 Haha

  4. Ok, so this made me laugh! I always have to force myself to ask “Do I REALLY need this?” I’ve been trying to keep it simple. Oh and because I try to keep it simple, unfortunately, my fashion style seems to go out the window!

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