Blogger On A Budget – When Creative Minds Collide


Once upon a time there was a girl making her husband take photos of her in an empty parking lot.

“You have to catch me off guard! It’ can’t look like I’m waiting for the picture!” She yells. “Take the picture when you are on the count of 3 not AFTER!!! MAKE SURE YOU GET MY GOOD SIDE!”

He sighs an ever so heavy sigh and keeps snapping away silently wishing to himself a photographer would magically appear to take over this task for him.

Little did he know his wish was about to come true.

If you haven’t figured it out by now this is the story of how I, a wannabe blogger, had a chance encounter with the talented Kassidy McConville, of Kassidy McConville Photography. I wish I could say that the details of this story were dramatized for effect…but they weren’t. This is a factual account of how I met Kassidy. Alex is sitting by me while I write this so you all know the truth, and because God is watching I won’t go back and delete it later.

Fast forward a few months later to two weeks ago when Kassidy and I were jumping around McCook taking photos in some pretty great places. She has THAT creative eye. She sees things I only wish I could see. She is hands down…the best.

This outfit was by far one of my favorites to shoot. I have had this patched army jacket for a couple of years now and it’s definitely a staple for me.  Paired with my favorite chunky boots from H&M and by far the best purchase I have ever made in my life….SPANX LEATHER LEGGINGS!!! If you have been going back and forth on purchasing a pair for yourself you need to do it. They fit like a dream and keep everything…hummmuumm…where it is supposed to be.






ATTENTION BLOGGER FRIENDS if you are in need of a fabulously creative and wonderfully sweet photographer I HIGHLY recommend contacting Kassidy. She was so great to work with and I can’t stress her artistic ability enough.


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2 thoughts on “Blogger On A Budget – When Creative Minds Collide

  1. I LOVE this outfit so so so much!!! And girl! This photographer is awesome… she caught so many great pics of you! I really wish I had a photographer, but I am poor… haha. I have wanted to get some faux leather leggings and I may just have to now… you are inspiring me!

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