Dry Shampoo – A Gift From The Hair Gods


I don’t think there is a woman out there that can’t relate to the above statement.

I would like to meet the creator of dry shampoo. For it is SHE who gives me the gift of extra sleep each morning. That, and the corporate appeal I use to wear.

I still love the dry shampoo…..the out-dated office attire I use to wear everyday, not so much.

But I’m not here to talk about blouses and extra sleep!

My hair is mid-length and somewhat thick. (shout out to Katie at Tranquility in Lincoln (NE) for keeping my mane lookin’ fresh). So washing it every single day isn’t something I like to do, nor have the time for.

On the flip side of no washing it daily, I also like for those who I come face to face with able to see their own face in the reflection of my greasy hair. Gross right? But it’s a fact. Thank god I have trained my hair to go 3 days without washing it. Sometimes even 4…..hell who am I kidding I have gone 5 WHOLE DAYS without a wash.

I think at this point it is important to clarify, I do bath daily. I swear really I’m not THAT lazy….or gross.

Moving on.

So in an effort to avoid that shine…..enter dry shampoo. I have experimented with many different brands and I have found that these two work the best for me.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

phd-dry-shampoo-pdp-topOut of the two I am going to talk about, this one is my favorite. One thing about dry shampoo that I absolutely hate is the white powdery residue it can sometimes leave behind. Living Proof’s shampoo does not do that…at all. Because of this, it is good for all hair colors.  It is lightweight and fool proof to use. I spray it on sections of my hair and let it sit for just a minute or so and then shake out and style per usual! I promise if you give this a try you won’t be disappointed.

Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo

51423847First of all I am OBSESSED with Kristin Ess as a stylist! (Second to Katie….she is at Tranquility…in Lincoln…did I mention that…oh I did, well she is amazeballs so she gets another shout out…rambling..me?? Nope.) Find her on Instagram and follow her. I found her because as you all know (or not, probably not) I am a fan of Lauren Conrad from The Hills and she has been her long time hair guru. So OBVIOUSLY when I was at Target and saw she has created a line of hair care products, one of which is dry shampoo I HAD TO try it!

I must admit I bought this more for the name than the quality.

But I was pleasantly surprised at how much I did liked it! It does have similar qualities as Living Proof but did leave behind a bit of the white residue. But if you are wanting to try dry shampoo for the first time, but do not want to spend a lot of money, this would be a good one to try out.

So there you have it. My favorite picks for dry shampoo. So save yourself some sleep in the morning and go grab some. You won’t regret it!


My Favorite Things Make-Up Series Part IV – Bronzers & Highlighters


It’s December, winter, and if you live in the Midwest I bet you are just as pale as I am. If you aren’t I hope it is a spray tan you are utilizing because I don’t want this post to turn into a lecture on tanning  beds. Those things are not only HORRIBLE for you but sooooooo 1989.

There are plenty of safe ways to reach that bronzy glow without putting your skin ( which is the largest organ you own…just an FYI) at danger. Most of the time I get a little to cray with the bronzer and my neck and face have a very different tone. I’ve become an expert on blending….moving on.

Here are my favorite products for achieving a beach glow in the dead of winter!

Estee Lauder – Bronze Goddess

estee bronze goddess

I have used this bronzer since my good ole college days and it has yet to fail me! It is fool proof, even if you over do it like me. This is a universal bronzer I can use in the summer and winter without having to change colors. It has an oil control complex that keeps skin looking shine free!

Becca by Chrissy Teigen

becca 3

Like any human I am OBSESSED with Chrissy Teigen. So naturally when she teamed up with Becca to create a highlighter/bronzer palette I had to get it! You can achieve a year round summer glow with each of these colors. The bronzer and peach glow highlighter are my favorites.

Urban Decay – Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palette

urban decay skin

A contouring expert I am not. I have tried, and I end up looking like a clown. So I have to say that the cream contour feature in this palette is not something I use that often. I have yet to decide if I am going to give up on contouring or still try to figure it out. Stay tuned. The powder side of this product….I use daily! For me it is easier to blend and fool proof which is EXACTLY what I need when it comes to these kinds of products.

e.l.f – Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette


THIS PALETTE! By far my favorite. My skin tone is more on the light to fair side and these shades are perfect when wanting a glow without looking like an Oompa Loompa! (Willy Wonka reference…if you don’t get it I feel sorry for you) The price point is pretty great too! If you have never ventured out into the land of bronzers and highlighters this would be a good palette to start with!

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that winter dullness and brighten up your skin with some of these products! If I can use these and not look like Snooki from Jersey shore, then you can too.



My Favorite Things Make-up Series Part III – Power Of The Eyebrow


This is the third installment of, My Favorite Things Make-up Series, and we are going to discuss the importance of having a FIERCE set of eyebrows!

Some of the best advice I ever got was to NEVER underestimate the power of an eyebrow. Or maybe it was to never trust someone with bad eyebrows. Perhaps I should take that last bit of advice personally as for much of my childhood I only had one eyebrow. Shout out to Main Street Styles in Ansley for lettin’ me in on a little secret called WAXING! If it hadn’t been for those ladies I could be 36 years old with one eyebrow living in a one bedroom apartment filled with New Kids On the Block memorabilia.

Moving on.

My eyebrows have been through several different stages. The “skinny” stage of the 90s where my eyebrows looked like sperm. The “money saving” stage of college where I thought I could wax my own eyebrows. That stage ended with only one surviving eyebrow and about 4 weeks spent in seclusion.

I am happy to report I now have what only I can consider “adult” eyebrows. This is due in large part because I met Nicole, at Tranquility Salon and Spa in Lincoln. Better known as the, “eyebrow whisperer.” She gives life to sad eyebrows, so make an appointment, and the trip to see her. Your eyebrows will thank you. Seriously, they whisper in their little eyebrow voices, “thank you for taking me to Nicole….”

ANYWAY enough about that, and more about my favorite products for….you guessed it….eyebrows!  I have tried all these products and I love all of them. I highly recommend trying them all to find your favorite!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Powder Duo


This product is perfect if you are an “in between” shade when it comes to eyebrow color. You can use one of two shades, or both! It’s lightweight, sheer to medium coverage and smudge-proof.



Okay, we have ALL seen this product on social media somewhere. If you haven’t…google it. I bet even after what I say you will be skeptical. But I’m telling you, this is a GOOD product! First, a little bit goes a long way. Second, an eyebrow brush is necessary with this product. It dries SUPER fast so you need to make sure you comb through your eyebrows as you apply. This product is waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof. Oh…and it will last up to 3 DAYS!! Seriously, it does last that long so if you are looking for long wearing this product is your ticket!

Maybelline – Brow Define Fill Duo


This is by far, my favorite eyebrow product. On one end you have a pencil, on the other you have a filling power with a sponge like tip for blending. I have tried many eyebrow products and I can 100% say I will not stray from this one. It doesn’t transfer, is long wearing, and the color matches perfectly. The price isn’t too bad either!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Clear Brow Gel


If your eyebrows are anything like mine, they need tamed. This is the perfect product to do just that! It is a clear gel that is good for all hair colors. It sets, defines, and hold brows in place all day long!

There you have it! My favorite eyebrow products. I encourage you to discover the power of the “brow.” Or the power of two…whatever floats your boat!










My Favorite Things – Make-up Edition Part II


It’s time for another installment of, “My Favorite Things,” and yes I am still talking about make-up. If you remember, I talked all things masks and treatments in Part I, so it’s only fitting I move onto foundations and such. Now, for some, the amount of stuff I put on my face might seem a bit ridiculous and truthfully it probably is!  Contrary to popular belief I don’t wake up looking fresh faced and ready to go every morning it takes A LOT of work……and coffee…lots of coffee.

Let’s get started!

SPF – Clinique City Block SPF 25

SPF copy

SPF because….duh. Don’t go a day without SPF. Seriously, you are not very smart if you do. Sun damage can happen anywhere at any time. So SPF UP!

Primer – Mac Prep and Prime

MAC primer

I was never one to buy into the whole “primer” thing. I just didn’t believe all the hype. That is until I wandered into the MAC store in Honolulu Hawaii and was introduced to this dream of a product. It’s lightweight, doesn’t feel greasy, and will strengthen the staying power of any foundation.

Smashbox Under Eye Primer


I was also a huge skeptic of this product. But like the MAC primer, it keeps your concealer where it is supposed to be…under your eyes.

Concealer – Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer


This is the best concealer I have ever used. Like…EVER. I have tried many a concealer in my day and not one of them has impressed me as much as this one. It covers, it’s lightweight, and it doesn’t settle into those under eye lines I developed from to many late nights in college………………studying.

Foundation – Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place

Estee Foundation

I have gone back and forth, wearing foundation, not wearing foundation, back to wearing foundation. I just could never find one that didn’t settle into those pesky wrinkles on my face, or drip off when I would sweat (gross I know). That is until I discovered Estee Lauder Double Wear. This stuff is seriously the best. It is a full coverage foundation without feeling like you have 30 pounds of make-up on your face. It stays in place and is sweat-proof! A little bit goes a long way with this stuff so it lasts forever…BONUS!

Powder – Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Powder

estee powder

You can’t have one without the other! Like the foundation this powder is lightweight, but gives a full coverage. It doesn’t move, and surprise, surprise is sweat-proof! On days when I don’t want to spend as much time on my face I use just the powder and I still get a good amount of coverage.

So there you have it! I 100% recommend these products to anyone. Now, obviously what works for me won’t work for everyone, and that’s ok! I encourage you to go find your favorite things and share them with….me!

Peace, Love, and Make-up


My Favorite Things – Make-up Series

make up 2

Many moons ago I worked for Clinique Cosmetics. I started my cosmetic career at Herberger’s in Kearney Nebraska and ended it at Von Maur in Lincoln Nebraska.  While working for Clinique I got a lot of free make-up. In fact I think I still have a few bottles of Clarifying lotion. It’s probably not safe to use but I just can’t bear to part with it. Another separation issues I am sure.

I may have hung up my white lab coat but that doesn’t mean I gave up my love for all things make-up.  You could say I am your quintessential girly girl when it comes to cosmetics. I wouldn’t say I am an expert when it comes to using them, but a trip to Sephora is comparable to the feeling I get when I go to Target. Pure, unaltered joy. A feeling of peace and serenity. Seriously.

As lame (or not) as it might seem I look forward to the quiet time I get with my make-up bag each morning.  So I decided why not share all of my favorite products with you guys! It will be a series of posts and I will be starting with my favorite masks and going all the way to lip color. If you remember not to long ago I shared with you my favorite skin care so we will start with masks!

Every four weeks I visit an estichian. I actually have two. Because yes I’m THAT girl. They are both amazing and I highly recommend them both. Trish is located at A Cut Above in North Platte NE, and then Nicole at Tranquility in Lincoln NE. Nicole is the eyebrow whisperer. Seriously go to her, it will change your life, and that of your eyebrows. Personally I think it is important to visit an expert in skincare as often as possible. Your skin will thank you.

In between my visits to these fine ladies I do a mask about once a week. I got back and forth between each of these GlamGlow masks.

GlamGlow Gravitymud Firming Treatment

glamglow purple

This mask is super fun to use. It smells delicious, and is a space age silver color. It is good for any skin type and helps to tighten the appearance of skin. If fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone is your concern this is the mask for you. It is super easy to use, you get a fun little brush and you basically paint your face. Make sure to really layer this mask on thick as it is a peel off. The more you use the easier it is to get off. Let it rest on your face for 30 minutes and then peel off. I saw a difference in my skins appearance after the first use!

GlamGlow Youthmud Tingleexfoliate Treatment

GlamGlow Black

Can you tell my concerns are wrinkles?  I am officially in the latter part of me 30s so it’s time to start fighting those pesky lines! This mask is great for exfoliating, smells great too! It does have the consistency of mud and can be a bit messy. It is good for all skin types and targets fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and dryness. Leave this mask on for 15 minutes and then use a warm washcloth to rinse off. Both of the GlamGlow masks I have mention are a bit on the pricey side so if you had to pick between the two I would go with GlamGlow Gravity mud.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask


This is a great mask to use in the morning if your skin needs a good boost! It delivers a quick shot of oxygen and a dose of Vitamin C to your skin. It goes on like a foam and sits on your skin for 5 minutes, rinse with warm water, and you are ready for the day. I use this about 2 times a week in the morning.

PeterThomasRoth Cucumber De-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches.

eye patches

Basically these eye patches are a great big dose of moisture for your eyes. They are cooling, soothing, and perfect for anyone who battle dark, puffy, under eye issues. Use these about twice a week. It is important to note that these patches do not replace an eye cream. You still need to use some sort of nighttime eye cream after.

GlamGlow Poutmud Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment

glamglow lip

Can you tell I am a fan of the GlamGlow products? They are pretty darn good. I highly recommend finding your favorites. This is more of a treatment than a mask, but I do this about twice a week before bed. It’s just a simple exfoliator for your lips. I usually follow it up with Rosebud Salve, something else you need to have in your skin care arsenal!

Wow, that’s A LOT! Obviously I do not use all these products at the same time every night. That would be crazy. But I do try to take a night a week and have my own at home spa night. I have come to discover my lack of skincare in my 20s has caught up with me so I am having to make up for lost time!

What are your favorite masks and treatments?

Peace, Love, and Products!

Wrinkles & Zits



Zits………………..DOUBLE BOO!!!

Wrinkles and zits…..WTF????

There needs to be some kind of warning, or manual about what happens to your skin when you turn 12 years old. First comes the pimples, then more pimples, then HUGE VOLCANOS THAT LIVE ON YOUR FACE AND NEVER LEAVE!!

Next up, wrinkles. If you were like me when I was in my early 20’s you became a goddess of the sun. Why? OBVIOUSLY because being tan was just SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT (if I knew then what I know now….).

Then all of the sudden BAM you have lines around your eyes and lips…..and forehead…..oh and your neck too. Wrinkles don’t come alone either, they bring their friends sun damage and dark spots to the party! PERFECT! (not really though…..)

Now here I am in my mid 30’s and having to deal with not just pimples, but wrinkles too. Why on god’s green earth should I, or anyone for that matter, have to deal with both AT THE SAME TIME!! It’s frustrating, I put on wrinkle cream followed by zit cream.  It just doesn’t seem right.  I am old enough to gamble, vote, pay taxes, DRINK!! Shouldn’t I at least be over the whole breakout thing?!


I need to just CALM DOWN, and get off my soap box long enough to share with you  my four favorite skincare products. The first three are a bit on the pricey side, but 100% worth it!


Most recently I started using Luna Sleeping Night Oil. I am obsessed with this stuff. The morning after the first night I used it I saw a difference in my skins appearance. It works on all skin types, and a little bit goes a very long way. I have been religiously using it for about 2 months now and I can’t see myself stopping…..ever.

Truth serum

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum is new to my skincare routine as well. I was a devout Perfectionist by Estee Lauder user, but I stumbled upon this serum and sadly my Perfectionist has been replaced. This stuff is so good. Like the Luna Sleeping Oil I saw results with this product right away. In a nutshell this serum is a big ole dose of vitamins for your skin. It contains collagen as well to help plump out those wrinkles taking residence upon your face. It smells AMAZING too! (Just like oranges if you are wondering)

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Night is by far the best night cream I have ever used. I have tried many different lotions and potions, but this moisturizer is one I will never stop using. It truly does what it says, lifts and firms and leaves your skin feeling super soft without that gross greasy feeling some creams can leave behind. If you are looking to try a night cream for the first time I highly recommend this one!

clean & clear

Last, but most certainly not least, Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. What can I say, I have used this stuff since that first pimple welcomed itself upon my face at age 12! It is so good at getting rid of those pesky pimples in a short amount of time. It’s comparable to Clinique’s Acne Spot Healing gel, only half the price! SCORE!

There you have it folks, because of these four products I have the skin of an angel!!!!!!

Ok that’s going a little far, but I am able to keep the wrinkles and pimples at bay…..most of the time.