Music Is Life

Circa 2015 with a bunch of hooligans on our way to see our pal Dave play with a little band called Foo Fighters.

Music. It’s just a necessity. I honestly do not understand anyone who says, “I don’t really like music.” I hope I never EVER meet a human that feels this way as I will refuse to hang with them! My day REVOLVES around the tunes playing in the background. On my way to work, at work, after work, cooking supper….OR  watching Alex cook supper, writing, I could go on and on and, well….on.

The inspiration behind this post came from the announcement of Foo Fighters upcoming album Concrete & Gold that is to be released in September followed by a number of fall and winter tour dates. I was lucky enough to see them 2 years ago in Kansas City and it was LIFE CHANGING. Seriously, DAVE GROHL FOR PRESIDENT (hmmmm shirt idea?) He is just an ANIMAL on stage, hilarious, smart, and pretty easy on the eyes ….if you know what I mean. 😉  He broke his leg before the KC show, ( if you haven’t seen the footage youtube “Dave Grohl breaks leg) so because of that he played the ENTIRE 3 HOUR set sitting on a throne of guitars. It was E-P-I-C!

I am so much of a Foo super fan that I tattooed the name of their 6th studio album on my forearm (more on my tattoos in a later post…I’m sure my Mom is looking forward to that one). Don’t know the name of their 6th studio album? GO FIND IT AND LISTEN TO IT! Probably my favorite album, the song Home especially…it’s life changing.

I could sit here and talk for hours on my love for the Foo. But I won’t. Instead I will share with you my top 3 bands and the music I listen to in a typical day. I tend to be more of a rock fan, but there are days I start with Sia and end with Rage Against The Machine. It’s just how I roll.  Peace, Love & Music

1.Foo Fighters–because DAVE.  Favorite Song–TO MANY GREAT ONES.  But obviously I love Home………and Rope…….and Outside… get it.

Foo Fighters

2. Halestorm–because chic rocker. She is the Lita Ford of our generation I swear.  Favorite Song–Break In and Freak Like Me


3. Highly Suspect–because Johnny Stevens shreds like no other. Favorite song–Wolf and Viper Strike

Highly Suspect

This is what my Spotify day usually looks like:

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The Second Best Night of My Life



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The best day of my life was July 28th 2012. It was on this day I  married my handsome husband Alex.

But the second best day of my life happened recently. Sunday June 11th to be exact.

On this day I witnessed Donnie, Danny, Joey, Jordan, and Jonathan serenade me as I cried pure unfiltered tears of joy. OKAY, so maybe there were a few thousand other people there, and perhaps they were singing to everyone, but this is my blog and I will say what I want!

I have spent the last 48 hours trying to write something that would convey the exact feelings I had on Sunday night, but I just can’t put it into words. Laugh all you want but these 5 guys were my first love. More specifically Donnie, but I felt it necessary to not play favorites so my 8 year old self decided to love them all equally.

I wrote a letter to NKOTB (New Kids On The Block for those non-blockheads) when I was eight. Everyday I would beg my Mom to hurry up and get the mail. I just knew that I would have a PERSONALIZED letter from Donnie asking me to be his “Favorite Girl.” WEEKS WENT BY and there was no letter. Until one day….it arrived and I was overwhelmed with joy! Sadly it wasn’t just from Donnie but it was from the whole gang, and even though I was slightly disappointed I immediately went to my room ready to reply to this glorious letter knowing I couldn’t keep them waiting for my response!

Fast Forward 27 years and I still haven’t received a response to my second letter. I couldn’t hold out forever so I went ahead and feel in love and got married to Alex, who I consider to be the sixth New Kid. He may not agree but as I stated before this is my blog and I will write it how I see fit! 🙂 I leave you all with an obnoxious amount of videos and pictures from ONE of the best days of my life! A big shout out to Alex for buying me the tickets for my birthday, HUGE HUSBAND POINTS!!



The Things I Will Never Unsee From Kansas City Rockfest


img_5438Oh lordy was my age tested this weekend. I never like to consider myself a sissy, but let me just tell you that I think my music festival days are numbered. Don’t get me wrong I had a blast  last weekend at Rockfest in Kansas City, but I most definitely saw things that I will NEVER be able to unsee…….

I am big believer in, “you do you.” If it makes you feel confident then do it!!!! Peace, Love, and Rock man! However, I don’t think as a self-respecting woman you would find me “confidentially” walking around topless. Boobs. Were. EVERYWHERE. Ladies, I have them too, I know what they look like, I don’t really need to see yours….thanks.

Moving on…..bros. Seriously, I get it, you like to mosh. For some reason you feel better about life by running into innocent strangers just simply trying to enjoy their favorite band. Again, do you, but it’s getting a little old. Oh and if you are going to mosh, then have your annoyed girlfriends wait for you outside of said mosh pit. All they do is get in the way of people like me who are just wanting to see Lzzy Hale of Halstorm shred some mad guitar mmmmmkkkkk.  I would take Mr. Moshpit over Annoyed Amy any day. All she does is whine that her boyfriend is ignoring her and she needs another STRAW-BER-RITA DAMN IT!! Girl if you are going to be a pissy pants, then stay home…

But with the bad came the AWESOME! I managed to elbow my way close enough to get a decent picture of Lzzy, I was front and center for Collective Soul, I rocked my face off from a safe distance to Godsmack, and I got to see Sammy Hager sing the Crystal Pepsi song! The company I was with wasn’t to shabby either 🙂 The only thing I would do different next year is fork over the extra $$$$ for VIP, us almost 40 year olds have NO time for all that pushing and boob nonsense!!!!


img_5527 Lzzy Hale

Collective Soul

A bunch of HOOLIGANS!!






I’m sure everyone has been on the edge of their seats WAITING to find out if we had any problems getting into Rockfest on Friday and I am happy to report everything went smoothly. Of course, there was no Channing Tatum waiting with my tickets, nor did Taylor Momsen invite me to join her band. But what I can report is that myself and my two girlfriends did NOT get stuck at will call in our killer outfits.

What is a trip without a bit of an adventure right? It goes like this….

I took the liberty of booking our hotel room. Obviously I knew that we didn’t need a 5 star hotel, we would basically only need a place to sleep and I wasn’t looking to spend a lot of $$$ for that reason. Rockfest works with different hotels close to the venue to give good rates to those concert goers who plan to say the night, it is called something like concert connect? I don’t know. What I am getting at is I found this hotel:


Seemed legit. Looked nice, good rate, close to the venue, BOOKED!

The hotel we ended up at:

American Inn

American Inn


You can imagine my confusion.

My first red flag should have been the fact they had a “weekly rate” of $195.

So myself and my reluctant yet understanding friends get out of the car. I can tell they are questioning what kind of place I had us staying at. Hell I was questioning it myself! I mean I saw pictures on the internet, but my mom always tells me I can’t believe everything I SEE on the internet! But still, this was some terrible false advertising on the Hotel’s part if you ask me.

We make our way to the small shack that is, “check in” (it is literally a small shack in the middle of the parking lot) and we are greeted by a nice man standing behind plexy glass, something you might see if you were to go visit someone in prison! I give the nice man my name and he looks for our reservation, he can’t find it, I am perplexed, I mean, this is the AMERICAN Inn. The last thing I needed after the ticket fiasco was to not have a place to sleep! After some thinking and a quick look out the window at the hotel’s sign, it is discovered we are at the wrong hotel! THANK GOD! I mean, I’m no sissy but this place was SCARY, like something straight out of a Wes Craven movie. We high tailed it out of the shack and down the road to our actual hotel the AMERICINN! Pronounced the same, but definitely not the same.

After all of that, we made it to the venue and proceeded to rock our faces off! It was a beautiful day filled with AMAZING MUSIC! The Pretty Reckless was on point, Papa Roach was INTENSE, and Soundgarden took me straight back to the 90’s. Oh and………we drank beer, LOTS OF BEER, my liver is pretty pissed of at me right now, along with the rest off my body. But I give zero F’S, it was all totally worth it!!

The Pretty Reckless

Papa Roach



​Because when there is a huge tent with NOBODY under it, you dance. 🙂