Omaha Fashion Week – August


Another August.

Another Omaha Fashion Week.

Another reminder I need to get my shit together so that my line is walking down the Omaha Fashion Week runway someday.

Per usual the shows I attended during Omaha Fashion Week did not disappoint.  What made this go around even more amazing you ask?!

Well Amanda Valentine did.


Yep, that’s me, with Amanda Valentine, and dying inside just a little bit. Don’t know who she is? Well let me give you a little background. She was born and raised in good ole Lincoln Nebraska, graduated from UNL, a contestant on season 11 of Project Runway, voted back by fans for season 13 of Project Runway, placed 2nd, and went on to show at Mercedes Benz Fashion week. She has styled for Maroon 5 and 21 Pilots.

Oh, and speaking of bands her brother James just happens to be the lead guitarist for Maroon 5.

You could say I’m slightly obsessed with her. But not in like that psycho stalker way…in the normal stalker way.

Moving on.

As I stated above the shows were amazing, and it’s hard to pick just one designer that stood out the most to me, they were all amazing and I can only hope to have a ¼ of their talent. BUT for me Crystal Brakhage Designs was by far my favorite. It spoke to the elegant rock chic that lives deep inside my soul. Black faux leather, gold, and sparkles dominated her runway show, I mean she had a CAPE in the show… can’t say no to a black and gold cape?!

Here is a look Crystal’s collection.

The Cape!!!!! (Yes that is my OMGing in the background)


The night was amazing, we made new friends, I got to fangirl out on Amanda Valentine and Sara and I danced our way across downtown Omaha. Another successful Omaha Fashion Week in the books!

Unitl Febuary OFW!!

Peace, Love, and FASHION!