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It’s Cyber Monday!!!

Keeping this post short and sweet so you do not miss out on all of the amazing holiday deals happening online today. Make sure to check out Sensible Chaos shop for all of you holiday needs. I am offering 60% off all day and FREE SHIPPING! I have the perfect shirt for the wine lover, dog lover, hip, squad member, spiritual human, Nebraska native, football watcher, sledding pro in your life.

That pretty much covers it all right?! This sale is TODAY ONLY! Get it while the gettin’ is good!

Happy Holidays everyone!!




Black Friday Special – Christmas Shopping with Sensible Chaos

It’s getting to be that time of year again, Christmas.

With Christmas comes shopping. With shopping comes crowds.

How do I handle a crazy shopping crowd you ask? Well, that’s not coffee in my festive Christmas “to-go” mug. It’s wine. If you pick your mug wisely you can fit an entire bottle in it! But of course I wouldn’t know that because I’ve never tried….that…okay..

Want to know how you can avoid Christmas time crowds and drunk shopping?

SHOP ONLINE!!!! Specifically shop Sensible Chaos shop for all of you holiday needs!  My shop has the perfect shirt for the wine lover, dog lover, squad member, Nebraska native, and spiritual guru in your life! There will be a one day only sale on Black Friday, 50% off site-wide and FREE SHIPPING! My new holiday sweatshirt that speaks to my wine loving soul will drop on Friday as well!

Cyber Monday specials will be happening as well so stay tuned!


I will also be taking special orders for my, “Raised In The 308” and “Raised In The 402” shirts  if you need them in men’s, children, or unisex sizing. If there is a specific fit you need I will sure do what I can to get that for you! I plan to be “live” all day on Friday (November 24th) so if you have any questions you can message me on Etsy, or send me an email ( I will be quick to respond I promise!! At least until noon, then the Chardonnay may or may not come out. Perks of working from home! (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere amiright?)

Welcome to the holiday season folks! May yours be filled with too many cookies, uncomfortable questions from random people at holiday parties, crocheted onesies from Aunt Rose, and wine. You will need all of the wine.

sleigh flat


Raised In The 308

It’s getting to be that time of year again! FOOTBALL SEASON! A time of year for beer, snacks, and screaming at the TV! So what better time to create some new shirts for Sensible Chaos.

If you are anything like me, you are mostly in it for the beer and snacks. I know, how can I possibly consider myself a true Nebraskan if I didn’t bleed Husker red??!! I just can’t bring myself to get into Football. Now, I have started to get a bit more invested into Husker nation but I am very easily distracted and if something shiny fly’s by my face I start thinking about butterflies.

HOWEVER I will forever watch football for all the cream cheese based snacks, bloody mary’s, and beer! I have a deep appreciation for snacks, basically food in general. So I will never pass on a good football party because while everyone is screaming and hollering at the TV, I am parked at the snack table stuffing my face with spinach and artichoke dip and little smokies!

fb outfit outside 4

This Is My Football Shirt

So for all those ladies out there that love the football snacks, but not so much the football..I have created just the shirt for you!!!!

Now, I can’t create a football shirt with Nebraska in mind if I don’t shout out the area I grew up in! I am proud to have been, “Raised In The 308.” For all my 402 ladies I didn’t forget about you, that shirt is in the works!!

308 outside 1

Raised In The 308

I am looking into creating different “Raised In….” shirts for all different states and area codes so if you are interested in a shirt for your state let me know. I will also be creating the, “This Is My Football Shirt,” in different colors to represent everyone’s favorite team!

So head on over to Sensible Chaos Shop and get your shirt today!

Squad Goals & New Shirts


First and foremost I believe we need to give credit where credit is due. Because without Taylor Swift,”#squadgoals” may have never happened.

Some might persecute me for saying this but I am NOT the biggest fan of Taylor Swift.  However, it has to be said, she has a DAMN beautiful girl squad behind her. Gigi AND Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Blake Lively….the list goes on. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) for me I didn’t make the cut….and by cut I mean she has no clue who I am. Whatever, I don’t care, I have my own squad and we roll pretty damn DEEP.

In my humble opinion my squad is BY FAR better than Taylors… least we don’t have revenge song written about us.

ANYWAY before Taylor, there was one squad that not a woman alive can say she didn’t want to be a part of. No I’m not talking about Monica, Rachel, and Pheobe (Friends…duh). Or Regina, Karen, and Gretchen (Mean Girls…where the hell have you BEEN). I am talking about Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia. The Golden Girls to be more specific. The cheesecake, the nightgowns, Sophia’s marinara sauce, STAN AND DOROTHY…they dealt with it all!! THAT THEME SONG……thank you for being a friend, travel down the road and back again do do doooo….

With ALL OF THAT said, I unveil to you my faithful blog readers, one of the newest editions to Sensible Chaos Shirts!!

Squad Goals

blog use

Also, for my own particular squad, we prefer wine over cheesecake (If you don’t get the cheesecake reference why are you evens still reading this blog? GO WATCH GOLDEN GIRLS!). Hell we actually prefer wine AND cheesecake, but you have to pick your calories wisely sometimes. So for that I created another shirt for the wine lovers in every squad.

Rosé Is My Bae

rose pose 4

Both shirts are available for purchase through my Etsy shop. I am offering free shipping this week (6/26-6/30). You can also click Shop Sensible Chaos Shirts on the homepage to see the other designs I offer!! 🙂 WELCOME TO THE END OF JUNE FOLKS!


Unsolicited Advice From a Former Bride

I will celebrate my 5 year wedding anniversary in July this year. It feels like 30……

Does anyone else say that? Maybe, and of course when I say it everyone laughs a forced laugh and I reply with a, “oh I’m just kidding.” But truthfully speaking, some days it does. I am sure I can speak for Alex on this as well. Be it 5 years or 30 there is nobody I would rather annoy for the rest of my life than him!

Considering we are getting into the thick of wedding season I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and talk about some of the things I wish someone had told me on my big day. However, in thinking back there truly wasn’t anything I wasn’t prepared for. I had this wedding shit covered! I had been planning since I was 5 years old and each one of my Barbies got to marry my one Ken doll, he sure did get around! Seriously when it’s the game of Barbies who wants to waste their hard earned mowing money on Ken doll’s? NOT THIS GIRL!!

It may be hard to believe but I really was cool as a cucumber when planning my wedding. I knew what I wanted, and for the most part I was able to make it happen without a hitch!

There is one thing I can advise all you brides on.  You will hear this about a million times in preparing for your wedding, and you will get sick of it, but it. is. so. true. Your wedding day is going to fly by. So at some point make sure you stop, take a moment, and breath it all in.  Because in an instant it’s over and you are just a sad ex-bride sitting on your couch the next day refusing to take your veil off. What………….I’m not saying this was me………ok it was. Alex wouldn’t let me wear it on our honeymoon either.  Fun hater……see why it feels like 30 years now instead of 5?!

So there is my unsolicited advice for brides. Just enjoy it, with a glass of wine in your hand and a wonderful man by your side!

**One other very important piece of advice that I was given on my wedding day was, “the one in white is ALWAYS right.” Great isn’t it?! So great that I put it on a shirt! You can wear this while you sip a mimosa and NOT be a bridezilla!  YOU’RE WELCOME BRIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tank top available here