Spring Jord Watch Review & Giveaway

Spring is on the horizon.

At least that is what I am telling myself right now. Winter came with a vengeance since I have been living in Lincoln. It has not been fun and I currently have a love hate relationship with Mother Nature.

Enter Jord Watches.


I’m sure at this point you all are wondering what this watch has to do with my loathing of Mother Nature. This watch is cool and makes my winter woes fade away.

To be honest I have never been a big accessories girl. A basic hoop earring and simple necklace is about as fancy as I get. When the “boyfriend watch” trend came full circle I was I was hooked. Then, when Jord watches reached out and asked if I wanted to collaborate with them….it was a solid YEP!

What makes this watch so unique is that it is made out of wood.


This ladies watch is so incredibly lightweight. My watch is from the Frankie series and is called Purpleheart & Plum. I love the larger face and the “boyfriend” style to it.

So now that I have my first wood watch, I want about 20 more.

After all of this you want a Jord watch of your very own right?! You are in luck! I will be having a giveaway and one lucky reader will win a $100 gift card to Jord watches! Click here to enter!



Blogger On A Budget – When Creative Minds Collide


Once upon a time there was a girl making her husband take photos of her in an empty parking lot.

“You have to catch me off guard! It’ can’t look like I’m waiting for the picture!” She yells. “Take the picture when you are on the count of 3 not AFTER!!! MAKE SURE YOU GET MY GOOD SIDE!”

He sighs an ever so heavy sigh and keeps snapping away silently wishing to himself a photographer would magically appear to take over this task for him.

Little did he know his wish was about to come true.

If you haven’t figured it out by now this is the story of how I, a wannabe blogger, had a chance encounter with the talented Kassidy McConville, of Kassidy McConville Photography. I wish I could say that the details of this story were dramatized for effect…but they weren’t. This is a factual account of how I met Kassidy. Alex is sitting by me while I write this so you all know the truth, and because God is watching I won’t go back and delete it later.

Fast forward a few months later to two weeks ago when Kassidy and I were jumping around McCook taking photos in some pretty great places. She has THAT creative eye. She sees things I only wish I could see. She is hands down…the best.

This outfit was by far one of my favorites to shoot. I have had this patched army jacket for a couple of years now and it’s definitely a staple for me.  Paired with my favorite chunky boots from H&M and by far the best purchase I have ever made in my life….SPANX LEATHER LEGGINGS!!! If you have been going back and forth on purchasing a pair for yourself you need to do it. They fit like a dream and keep everything…hummmuumm…where it is supposed to be.






ATTENTION BLOGGER FRIENDS if you are in need of a fabulously creative and wonderfully sweet photographer I HIGHLY recommend contacting Kassidy. She was so great to work with and I can’t stress her artistic ability enough.


Shop my look:

9599680_fpx.tif 2437_Black_MAIN hmprod

Moving Update & One Hot Date

It has been….A HOT MINUTE.

I am so sorry to leave you all in the dark for so long. I am POSITIVE you all have been dying to know what my life has been like since I moved.

Or maybe just Anne (sister) and Kathy (mom).  At least when I check the stats on here I know I will have at least two views.


For those of you who don’t know, I accepted a job at Screen Ink in downtown Lincoln. Not Familiar? Click here! They are the bee’s knees when it comes to screen printing. Give them a call! If you are lucky you may even get to talk to me. Or perhaps here me in the background slingin’ shirts and weeding vinyl (biz talk peeps……).

We did find a house(yay!) but we won’t be moving in until March.  So for now my very dear friends Sara and Kate have been gracious enough to let me play third wheel in their lives for the next month. Last week I started out at Sara’s and let me tell you it was all the fun of a great Three’s Company episode! She cooked me dinner, made sure I had my lunch in the morning and always reminded me to be nice and make friends!

Wait….this sounds oddly similar to my first day of kindergarten.

Moving on.

Friday soon came and I loaded up my car with all my stuff. You know the usual, two full size suitcases, two bags of shoes, one GIANT bag of hair and make-up needs, computer, ipad, planners, coloring books, sticker books, pots, pans, dishes…you get. #overpackersunite

Once the Impala was packed to the brim I headed on down the road to Kate’s.  I had a very HOT date that night so I was in a hurry to get to where I needed to be.

By now I am sure you are all thinking my hot date was with Alex….WRONG. It was with the handsome little guy in the picture below.

The GREAT Benjamin!

Of course, we let his parents come too. He even said Alex could tag along but he had to pay for his own meal. I didn’t argue. How could I with all that cuteness?!

I am rambling at this point so I will end it here. More to come on the weeks spent learning everything I can from Ben, and trying to navigate the wonderful world of screen printing!


My Top 5 Favorite Bloggers

Top 5 Blogger pic

What do I, a self-proclaimed blogger, do when I don’t  have a clue what to write about?

I blog about other bloggers…THAT’S WHAT!

Today I am sharing with you my top 5 favorite bloggers. I mean, I could make this my top 100 favorite blogger list…but then you would think all I do all day is stalk bloggers…and perhaps I do…#noshameinmyblogginggame

Let’s get started!

The Daily Tay

OBVIOUSLY Taylor would be on my list. I have said it a million times before and I will say it again. If you don’t follow her on Instagram YOU NEED to. You will be better for it I swear. She has the best dog Harlow and their adventures to the dog park are something to see. On her blog you will find anything from stories from her family vacations, to the life of a t-shirt lady.

Sunsets and Stilettos

Deb of Sunsets and Stilettos is something else. If you don’t follow her on Instagram YOU SHOULD! She is an introverts dream and has a very unique and fun sense of humor. Her segments, “Things I Am Hating Right Now,” and “On Notice,” are worth looking out for.  On her blog you will find fun and affordable outfit ideas.

Those White Walls

I have absolutely no idea how I found Ali’s blog but I AM SO GLAD I DID. I feel like she is the Carrie Bradshaw of Chicago minus all the Mr. Big drama. She has the cutest bulldog named Obi and a loft apartment that I feel like came straight from HGTV. She is a photographer and jewelry designer with an impeccable fashion sense.

The Daybook

First thing you need to do once you go to Sydney’s blog is read the “about” section, it is by far one of the best things I have ever read! Her posts are super relatable and I truly feel like I could just call her up and we could hang out….but I won’t, because she has no idea who I am. So that would be weird.

The Basics 

Oh Chloe!! I stumbled upon Chole through my love of The Daily Tay and I can’t get enough of her. She has just ventured out and is working for herself and she couldn’t be more of an inspiration to wannabe bloggers like myself. She has all kinds of great reads and not so recently went on a two-week camping excursion and blogged all about it. It almost makes me want to try camping…..and by almost I mean it ALMOST makes me want to find a cabin with running water and wifi to stay in for an extended period of time. #glamping

There you have it folks! These are the bloggers I only hope to be as talented as someday. What bloggers do you admire?

Peace, Love, and Blogging



My Interview with Erin from A Beautiful Life, The Journey

erin daily encourgement

Blogging can be hard.

I know most people think us bloggers just sit behind a computer screen and talk about where we like to shop, what beauty products we love, what we like to eat, blah blah blah. But I am here to tell you there is a lot more to it than that. Sure some bloggers have an eye for fashion, love food (who doesn’t love food?), and has the remedy to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. BUT it takes a lot of time and inspiration to come up with all that witty and clever content you read each week.  You have heard me talk about it many times before but bloggers block is real, and it’s the worst.

BUT blogging can be pretty great for making new blogger friends who can relate to those days you spend sitting in front of a blank word document for hours. One such friend of mine goes by the name Erin. If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you have heard me talk about her a time or two in my ever so enlightening Insta-videos. She was the first blogger friend I made and I am so happy that I have her to pick me up when I am feeling low, and reminds to just keep on a keepin’ on! She created a blog that is filled with encouraging words and themes. I find myself always gravitating towards her writing when I feel like throwing in the towel on this whole blog thing!

She featured me on her blog and now it’s my turn to return the favor. I was able to do a short interview with her about why she started blogging.  Also if she prefers dogs or cats….because that my friends is a very important question.

erin fashion

J-Tell me all about YOU!

 E-Well first off I am almost 30 which is crazy to even think, yet alone say. I have an amazing husband who I love so much and am so proud of for going back to school and getting his degree in computer science. He is a hard worker and an amazing cook, thank God, I am not great at cooking. I have some incredible friends who have become very much like my family while living here in Springfield Missouri. I am an orchestra teacher throughout the year, so I am currently on summer break and loving it! I have my own private violin/viola studio and I am a professional violinist in Springfield area performing in a couple symphonies, weddings and random gigs, and have been a soloist with a couple symphonies in Kansas City.

J-How did you first get into blogging?

E-I first decided to start blogging because I wanted to be able to write about my students and teaching. I started the blog in March, and March is music in our schools month and I thought it would be interesting to blog about the fun things I had planned for my students throughout march. But over the summer, my blog has evolved into a place that I enjoy to write about daily life, fashions, decor/home styling, but above all encouraging others on their journey of life. Life can be hard sometimes and we need others who can help encourage us and cheer us on in our journey, and I always hope that my posts will be a source of light and encouragement.

J-You just started a new segment on your blog called “Boss Babes,” what is your purpose behind this new segment and how did you come up with it?

E-I am super excited about this new segment in which I will be highlighting awesome girls with incredible jobs that they either stated or are a part of. I wanted to showcase some really cool companies and how those companies got started and why they were started. I started thinking about this segment when I interviewed you about your shirts. I so enjoyed learning more about you and getting to highlight your business and you as a person. I want to continue to encourage girls and women to pursue their dreams and to keep being a “Boss Babe.

J-One of my favorite things about your blog is the Daily Encouragements. I especially love the #randomloveletter concept! How did you get started in this?

E-Well the #randomloveletter is something that got started by someone else and I just decided I wanted to join the challenge. I started my daily encouragement page because I think everyone could always use some encouragement and that is something that I always want to offer in my blog. I always want to be inspiring and encouraging to my readers, to my fellow bloggers, and to women all over. It makes me smile to leave an encouraging anonymous letter and think about the person that may see it or take it, and hopefully it will make them smile and mean something to them.

J-Describe your personal style and is there who is a fashion inspiration to you?

E-I have a couple different styles, but my main personal style I would say is boho chic! I love long flowy skirts, belled sleeves, suede, bell bottoms, and flowy dresses with hats. I also love mixing this style with materials like leather jackets and boots for a bohemian rocker look. I usually do this over the fall and winter months. But my go to look when I have to get stuff done is usually a ball cap, a cute graphic tee or tank and jeans.

J-What do you like to do when you aren’t blogging?

E-I love to travel and see new places and experience new things. I love music and art, hanging out with my best friends and my hubby, drinking a good cab, eating good food (I love food), sleeping in when I can, walking/ hiking or being out in nature, and writing.

J-Last, but certainly not least…..Dogs or Cats?

E-I love both. I actually had a cat and a dog growing up! I had a gray tabby named Amelia and the smartest dog ever, Hershey, which was a mix between a black lab and an Irish Setter. She was the cutest and the perfect size!!!

erin in my shirt

Squad Goals shirt available here!

If you want to learn more about Erin and why she is so great head over to her blog, A Beautiful Life, The Journey!


What's REALLY In My Bag


I always see these really put together gals with really put together purses. Like if they were to dump it upside down all the contents would fall gracefully in place and look beautifully of course!

So I thought I would give it a try! I grabbed my purse, gave it the ole turn over, and everything came crashing down everywhere. So much for the graceful part.

Even if things didn’t waterfall effortlessly out of my purse, I sure did have some interesting things I had been toting around for the last few weeks. So I thought, what better than to share it with all of you! Truthfully the contents are not all that exciting but I did manage to find a stray earring I have been searching high and low for. Only problem now is I can’t find the other one…..

  1. Stray earring. These circle diamond studs are ones I rarely take out. But occasionally I wake up in the middle of the night with one ear throbbing so I take that earring out and because I’m too lazy I leave the other one in. Yes, you guessed it, there were 3 consecutive days where I went to work and only had one earring in! Nobody said a word. I’m still trying to decide if I should be concerned about that.
  2. Sensible Chaos business cards. Because EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW HOW TO BUY MY COOL SHIRTS! I like to leave them sporadically everywhere. One time I left a card with our waitress’s tip (not AS the tip, WITH the tip..i’m not a lame tipper come on now..). Only to be ran down by her to give it back, she thought I left it behind on accident…that was a awkward encounter for sure.
  3. Ink Pen. A pen I always search for when I need a pen, but can never locate.
  4. Gum and peppermint candy. Because nobody wants gross breath….duh.
  5. Hoop Earrings. You never know when you might end up at the club.
  6. Wallet. Because $$$$$$$
  7. Sunnies. Because…you guessed it, the sun. Is this getting old yet? No? GOOD!
  8. Receipts. Who throws away receipts??
  9. Birthday cards. I am just clinging to my birthday for a bit longer. Don’t judge.
  10. EOS chapstick. Like Napoleon Dynamite, sometimes, my lips  just really hurt.
  12. Spare change. Sometimes I need a Snickers. I get angry when I don’t get a Snickers.  The commercial doesn’t lie.
  13. Hair clip. This hair clip has moved from purse to purse. I have no reason why it’s with me. I think at this point it might have something to do with separation anxiety.
  14. Granola Bar. Because I’m 36 and sometimes I still need an afternoon snack. BTW Sunbelt Chewy Peanut Better Granola Bars are AMAZEBALLS! Seriously tastes just lick a scotcharoo. If you don’t know what a scotcharoo is then I don’t want to be friends with you.

There you have it folks! All the cool stuff I carry around with me every day. One might think I eliminated a few things like the receipts, or that lonely hair clip. HAHA NOPE, they are still chillin’ in ole LV!

What’s REALLY in your purse?

July 4th Jumpsuit

Like any good blogger does around this time of year they post a fun filled 4th of July post!

But…..I have no cute 4th of July clothes. Those who really know me, are probably scratching their heads in utter confustion. How the HELL do I, the queen of shopping, not have a single patriotic dress, swimsuit, or shirt?! It’s true, I don’t. I’m not sure why either. Does this go against some blogger rule? I have no idea. I’m cool with it though, instead I have an awesome denim jumpsuit to share with everyone!!

denim jumpsuit 1denim jumpsuit 7denim jumpsuit

I bought this jumpsuit a few months back at Von Maur and it is no longer available on their website or in-store. But don’t fret! I did find it here, so go buy it now or cry later! It’s so comfortable, soft, and the length is on point.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet as Alex, Jersey, and I have a big day planned! It consists of an inflatable pool and some adult beverages!! The adult beverages are for Alex and I, Jersey mostly sticks to H2O.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend!!

Braod City 4th


Squad Goals & New Shirts


First and foremost I believe we need to give credit where credit is due. Because without Taylor Swift,”#squadgoals” may have never happened.

Some might persecute me for saying this but I am NOT the biggest fan of Taylor Swift.  However, it has to be said, she has a DAMN beautiful girl squad behind her. Gigi AND Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Blake Lively….the list goes on. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) for me I didn’t make the cut….and by cut I mean she has no clue who I am. Whatever, I don’t care, I have my own squad and we roll pretty damn DEEP.

In my humble opinion my squad is BY FAR better than Taylors…..at least we don’t have revenge song written about us.

ANYWAY before Taylor, there was one squad that not a woman alive can say she didn’t want to be a part of. No I’m not talking about Monica, Rachel, and Pheobe (Friends…duh). Or Regina, Karen, and Gretchen (Mean Girls…where the hell have you BEEN). I am talking about Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia. The Golden Girls to be more specific. The cheesecake, the nightgowns, Sophia’s marinara sauce, STAN AND DOROTHY…they dealt with it all!! THAT THEME SONG……thank you for being a friend, travel down the road and back again do do doooo….

With ALL OF THAT said, I unveil to you my faithful blog readers, one of the newest editions to Sensible Chaos Shirts!!

Squad Goals

blog use

Also, for my own particular squad, we prefer wine over cheesecake (If you don’t get the cheesecake reference why are you evens still reading this blog? GO WATCH GOLDEN GIRLS!). Hell we actually prefer wine AND cheesecake, but you have to pick your calories wisely sometimes. So for that I created another shirt for the wine lovers in every squad.

Rosé Is My Bae

rose pose 4

Both shirts are available for purchase through my Etsy shop. I am offering free shipping this week (6/26-6/30). You can also click Shop Sensible Chaos Shirts on the homepage to see the other designs I offer!! 🙂 WELCOME TO THE END OF JUNE FOLKS!


My Dad

img_5548Photo cred goes out to my sister Anne, without this photo I’m not sure this post would be complete!

**Sidenote…Dad keep reading, I promise I will end this post with a slightly better picture!

Today is Father’s Day and for that reason I decided it’s time to shine the spotlight on the guy I call Dad. For some he is Dale, and if you knew him when he was a kid being chased on his horse on the way to school as a 5th grader……Dobe.

He may kill me for the above picture, but if anyone has ever wondered where I get my love for distressed denim…well here is your proof. My Dad has always been a trendsetter!


I have learned a lot from my dad in my 35 years of life. Mostly one liners, one of which I put on a tank top that is currently for sale! If you know what’s good for you you will go buy one, Dale would tell you to!

My Dad has always encouraged us to follow our own path, take no shit, and be proud of the person we are.  He has supported me, just like my Mom, through every hair brain idea I have come up with. For that I am incredibly grateful, I don’t know if I would be where I am now if it wasn’t for his consistent encouragement to just be…..me!

Ok enough with the sappy stuff, my sister may never let me hear the end of it, she keeps me honest what can I say!  To all the Dad’s out there Happy Father’s Day!!!


I Heart Bravo

Hello my name is Julia, and I am addicted to Bravo.

God forgive me for the things I cannot control.  If the TV gods came down and told me I could only pick one channel to watch for the rest of my life. It would be Bravo.

I mean, Andy Cohen. He is reason enough to give up my Showtime and E! forever. The man is a smart, witty, hilarious, and HANDSOME to boot.


You are all going to judge me for the next thing I am about to say and that’s ok, I’m secure with myself, I can take it. But……………………Vanderpump Rules is my jam. I CANNOT get enough of this show, and the made-up, fun to watch, drama that comes along with it. I follow each one of them on Instagram….Ariana, Stassi, Scheana, Kristen, Katie, Britney, LaLa, Jax……..the Toms, even James…yep, no shame.

Ariana and LaLa are my favorites. If you watch the show you are probably face palming and asking yourself, “why the hell does she like LaLa?!” Well I will tell you why, because she is REAL! (Ok, so physically not all of her is real…..but that my friend is not the point) She is 100% herself 100% of the time and accepts all her mistakes as she makes them. Same with Ariana….they keep it ON. THE. LEVEL.

So go ahead and judge away, because as Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York puts it, I give ZERO F*CKS! (sorry mom) 🙂

Am I to the point where I sound like an overly obsessed fan yet? GOOD! I would be lying if I said I didn’t plan my entire Monday night around Vanderpump Rules. The season is over now (sadly) but when it was on I would tell my loving husband to GET LOST, as to not distract me, order a pepperoni pizza, and proceed to eat the ENTIRE thing while I watched like a giddy child on Christmas morning! ……….to much?

Now I wait, I wait for the next season to start.  Are Stassi and Patrick back together? I see he has made an appearance on her Instragram lately!! How are things with Scheana and her new man since the divorce? Will Ariana and Tom EVER GET MARRIED??!!! I JUST CAN’T TAKE THE SUSPENSE!!!!


All visual content is copyrighted to its respective owners.  If you own rights to any of the content and wish to have it removed please contact me at sensiblechaos28@gmail.com.