Sensible Chaos Takeover – Sara’s Favorite Holiday Looks

Today is a very special Thursday, a takeover of Sensible Chaos by my very best friend Sara! You might recognize her from a recent trip to Minneapolis. Or as my Omaha Fashion Week partner in crime. She is going to share with you all some of her favorite looks for this holiday season.


Sara’s Favorite Holiday Looks

Hello Sensible Chaos fam! I’m so honored Julia asked me to be a guest writer on her blog! Julia is my go-to gal when facing many of life’s toughest decisions. She’s always there to provide her wise and honest advice when I ask which one of my 37 shades of red lipstick best matches my outfit? Do these jeans make my butt look too big? Do I want a wine buzz or a champagne buzz? I mean, these are critical decisions in a girl’s life and I’m lucky I have her to lean on!

Julia asked if I would share a post for the upcoming 2017 Holiday season and because I can’t turn down an excuse to online shop, I jumped at the chance. (Side note, my husband thinks I was “just browsing” while writing this post and not actually shopping. Let’s hope he doesn’t read this or check the mail before me…) Maybe it’s just me, but I like to think any holiday party is an excuse to get dressed up and wear something a bit out of your comfort zone. I’m talking sequins! And ruffles! And velvet! (You didn’t think I’d be posting on Sensible Chaos without referencing velvet did you?!)

To those who have been eyeing the velvet look but haven’t pulled the trigger, might I suggest this little number. This golden yellow color is so beautiful. The high low round hem with a wrap bodice has this dress from Lulu’s looking sexy, yet also chic. You’ll want to snatch this one up fast as it’s just been added back in stock.

To any of my longer legged ladies reading this, (hands up if you’re 5’9” or taller) if you haven’t check out TopShop do it! Some of their stuff is a bit more edgy but they offer a Tall section, which is clutch if you’ve been wanting to check out one of those famous velvet slip dresses but can’t find one long enough. I love this wine color and anytime I can find a dress that covers my bum but is still above the knees, I call it a win!

red velvet 2

You can never go wrong at a New Years Eve party with sequins. The rose gold color of this Mock Neck Bodycon dress from Tobi is so gorgeous and and I love the open back detail.

If you’re looking for a holiday party dress that doesn’t show a lot of skin (it IS winter in Nebraska after all so it’s likely cold AF out) I love this find from Akira. I’m a big fan of midi dresses (heyyy longer hem lengths!) The tiered tulip sleeves are a super fun detail while still versatile with slits, so you can hit up that dip tray or refill that cocktail (I like to do both) as much as you want!

I’m so obsessed with this last dress, I feel like I need to buy it even though I have nowhere to wear it. If anyone has a formal holiday party they’re attending or hosting and are okay with crashers, let me know! This Gigi Off Shoulder Ruffle Front Gown from Akira is to die for! I’m telling myself it’s named after Gigi Hadid because she’s flawless and so is this gown. It comes in classic black and a gorgeous red color with dramatic ruffles, an off the shoulder cut, cuffed sleeves (once again, the dip tray and I would be just fine) and a great high low hem.

And there you have it! A few of the looks that I’m feeling are right up my Holiday Party alley for 2017!

Peace, love & holidays

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yellow velvet  red velvet 2 rose gold gown gold gown black gown

Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Episode 2 – Brittany Gets Jaxed


So many feelings and thoughts about last night’s Vanderpump Rules. For anyone who was shocked Jax admitted it… too. His M-O is usually to deny, deny, deny until it does him no good and he is forced to tell the truth. HEY JAX maybe keep it in your pants and you can avoid situations like this…just a thought.

Of course we find ourselves back at Scheana’s birthday party where EVERYONE is talking about Faith and Jax’s hook-up in front of a sleeping senior citizen. Brittany is obviously distraught and Kristen is still threatening to destroy Jax’s eh hmmm……balls.

Scheana declares that Jax doesn’t deserve Brittany. Well not shit Scheana!  Jax NEVER DID deserve her. I love Brittany but I can’t help but question what she see’s in him. It’s pretty obvious that in 6 seasons he has yet to change. BUT I guess you can’t help falling in love with a man that has had more plastic surgery then 3 playboy playmates combined. But I digress.

The next day is when Jax tells Brittany the truth as she is getting ready to head off to Vegas.  The only way she knows the console her broken heart.  I guess Vegas is how the Pump peeps like to deal with break-ups. Bottle service and pool parties always seemed to fix my broken heart! Wait…I grew up in Nebraska..and reality.

The rest of episode is pretty dull if you ask me. We are introduced to Stassi’s on again off again boyfriend Patrick who has an impressive man-bun. At dinner we learn he is going to Amsterdam and she shouldn’t ask him about what he does while he is there…oh and he won’t be talking to her for the duration of his 7 day trip. Red flag?! NOT FOR STASSI! Throughout that dinner she completely misses the fact Patrick is wanting to have an “open relationship.” One word…..asshole. Or is that two? Whatever it still means the same thing.

James is back asking Lisa to DJ at SUR. How many times has he been fired?  Banned? 6? 12? I lost count. He doesn’t come alone either, his lady friend Raquel joins him in what she calls shorts but I call denim underwear. She wants to work at Vanderpump Dogs and when Lisa asks her what she does, like for work, Raquel looks utterly dumbfounded. Once she awakens from her haze she responds in typical L.A. fashion, she models. Of course this qualifies her to work with dogs!!!! Lisa tells her she needs to volunteer first. She might want to rethink her outfit choices when she shows up to scoop poop.

Fast forward to yet another birthday party for Arianna’s brother Jeremy. The only real interesting part of this is the Tom’s decide to cry. Schwartz is feeling as if he has no direction, and Sandavol, with a tear stained check of bronzer, reassures him that he is perfect. Listen, a man having a good cry isn’t a sign of weakness in my opinion…but the bronzer might be a little much. To each there own, Sandavol does have some pretty decent cheekbones to highlight.

We end at Long Beach Pride where Lisa is Grand Marshall for the Parade. The Tom’s go to support Lisa and to make up for being complete douche’s to her in last week’s episode. We also see Brittany return to work at SUR only to reveal she hooked up with Jax earlier that day. (Insert palm to face emoji here)

I’m sorry Brittany but you totally got Jaxed.

Until next week! #pumprules


My SUR Life – Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Episode 1

VRules Vanderpump Rules is my jam. Call me pathetic, I don’t care. I live for this show (ok, that’s a bit dramatic….or not). When Monday night rolls around I can not wait to snuggle in for 60 minutes of the most drama that will enter my life in a week!

So to you, my faithful reader, I can only do what a blogger who is obsessed with a pointless reality TV show does, judge that shit.

For those of you who don’t watch the show, pick a Sunday, put on sweatpants grab some Arbor Mist and binge watch. Yes at first you might have a shit ton of opinions, I did. But this particular group of pretty people have bucket loads of drama and by the end you will feel like your life isn’t so bad.

We start season 6 at SUR where of course most of them still work with the acceptation of Stassi and Kirsten. More on them later.  Seems that Katie is back to her rage texting ways and Scheana decides she just doesn’t want that drama at her upcoming birthday party.  So she proceeds to tell Katie about her party…and that she isn’t invited. At this point I had to change the channel for a hot minute because this sort of stuff makes me cringe. You are just asking for issues when you do this stuff. Come on Scheana…I mean are we in high school?

Yep. We are. SUR High everybody.

Moving on Jax is up to his old shenanigans again. Conoodling with women who aren’t Brittnay.  I have a hard time believing this rumor isn’t true. Faith is pretty descriptive in telling James what went down after he “DM’d her twitter” and came to where she worked to do the deed. I don’t want to give too much away but…toes where involved.

Tom Sandavol has also heard this rumor from a friend. Needless to say there isn’t a person in this SURific group that doesn’t believe it didn’t happen. We see Kristin begging Faith to talk to Brittnay and she won’t do it. Funny how Kristen is at the center of this calling out Jax for cheating when it wasn’t 4 seasons back she was caught up in a cheating scandal of her own involving…you guessed it Jax.

All of this drama goes down at Scheana’s mascaraed themed birthday party.  Not only is this a celebration of Scheana’s birth, but it is a sort of coming out party if you will for her new boyfriend Rob.  If you ask me Rob is a vast improvement over her DJ wannabe ex Shay. I’m pretty sure she already has her next wedding planned. Perhaps she will shy away from the cropped top wedding gown she chose for her first one. One can only hope.

Sidenote – I need to take a quick minute and discuss how uninterested Ariana was when Tom was talking to her at their apartment before Scheana’s party. Girl WOULDN’T stop looking at herself. I mean, I wouldn’t either if I looked like that.

Stassi and Katie aren’t seen as much in this episode. Of course we see Katie get uninvited to Scheana’s party.  Our first look at Stassi is when she arrives at Katie and Tom Schwartz’s apartment for a quick gossip sesh and it is obvious her legs are darker than the rest of her body. I noticed it. Thank you Tom for pointing it out. Girl has got to get her spray tanning UNDER CONTROL.

We also learn Stassi is back with Patrick. But from the looks of the season (and if you follow her on Instagram) that doesn’t last too long. I am not really on the Stassi train these days. She made some pretty harsh comments about the #metoo movement on her podcast Straight Up With Stassi. Of course since then she has gone on an apology tour and written a letter explaining her point. Jury is still out on this.

I had so many feelings after watching this episode it took me 2 days to write this. Season 6 is going to be chuck full of things and I can’t wait to dissect it each week. Because like Stassi I am going to do what she does best…………..judge.



My Collaboration With Tobi

You can only imagine my excitement when Tobi reached out to me and asked if I would like to work with them on a collaboration.  I have been shopping Tobi for a few years now and I have never found something I didn’t immediately fall in love with.

What makes this collab even better? THEY SENT ME A VELVET MINI DRESS! I guess you could say Tobi knows the way to my heart.

These 3 dresses are perfect for any occasion. From formal to casual Tobi has you covered.

TOBI VELVETVelvet Tobi closeup

VELVET TOBI SIDE USEThis velvet dress….I am 100% in love. Obviously because VELVET, but the fit is a dream. It has cutout tie detail on each side. I paired this dress with suede block heels from Target, gold hoop earrings and necklace from H&M.

plaid tobiplaid leatherPlaid. I love plaid. I love plaid because I grew up in the 90s and Claire Danes has on some sort of plaid in every episode of My-So-Called-Life. This shift dress is perfect for any occasion. The fabric is so soft,  lightweight and can easily be dressed up or left casual. Add a choker, chunky boots and leather jacket from H&M and you have yourself the perfect 90s ensemble.

Black TobiThe last dress in this series is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. It’s basic in the best possible way. Like the plaid dress you can easily dress this up for a formal event, or wear it to brunch with your squad on Sunday. I chose to take it casual with floral print Doc Martens and simple gold accessories from H&M.

I can not say enough wonderful things about Tobi. If you are on the hunt for that perfect outfit this holiday season, head over to Tobi. I have always said I would never lead my readers astray when it comes to shopping and I don’t intend to start now!


Shop the looks!

rose-valari-cami-shift-dress Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 8.07.14 PM hmprod hmprod

red-multi-plaid-attitude-shift-dress hmprod Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 8.25.32 PM Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 8.25.45 PM

black-ashlynn-tee-shift-dress Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 8.35.21 PM



Cyber Monday Sale – Sensible Chaos Shop

It’s Cyber Monday!!!

Keeping this post short and sweet so you do not miss out on all of the amazing holiday deals happening online today. Make sure to check out Sensible Chaos shop for all of you holiday needs. I am offering 60% off all day and FREE SHIPPING! I have the perfect shirt for the wine lover, dog lover, hip, squad member, spiritual human, Nebraska native, football watcher, sledding pro in your life.

That pretty much covers it all right?! This sale is TODAY ONLY! Get it while the gettin’ is good!

Happy Holidays everyone!!




Black Friday Special – Christmas Shopping with Sensible Chaos

It’s getting to be that time of year again, Christmas.

With Christmas comes shopping. With shopping comes crowds.

How do I handle a crazy shopping crowd you ask? Well, that’s not coffee in my festive Christmas “to-go” mug. It’s wine. If you pick your mug wisely you can fit an entire bottle in it! But of course I wouldn’t know that because I’ve never tried….that…okay..

Want to know how you can avoid Christmas time crowds and drunk shopping?

SHOP ONLINE!!!! Specifically shop Sensible Chaos shop for all of you holiday needs!  My shop has the perfect shirt for the wine lover, dog lover, squad member, Nebraska native, and spiritual guru in your life! There will be a one day only sale on Black Friday, 50% off site-wide and FREE SHIPPING! My new holiday sweatshirt that speaks to my wine loving soul will drop on Friday as well!

Cyber Monday specials will be happening as well so stay tuned!


I will also be taking special orders for my, “Raised In The 308” and “Raised In The 402” shirts  if you need them in men’s, children, or unisex sizing. If there is a specific fit you need I will sure do what I can to get that for you! I plan to be “live” all day on Friday (November 24th) so if you have any questions you can message me on Etsy, or send me an email ( I will be quick to respond I promise!! At least until noon, then the Chardonnay may or may not come out. Perks of working from home! (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere amiright?)

Welcome to the holiday season folks! May yours be filled with too many cookies, uncomfortable questions from random people at holiday parties, crocheted onesies from Aunt Rose, and wine. You will need all of the wine.

sleigh flat


What Happens In Minneapolis




minn selfie

When you travel hours to Minneapolis to hang out with all of your best friends.

Things happen.

Don’t worry Mom, I didn’t do anything to incriminating. This isn’t one of those,  “what happens in Minneapolis stays in Minneapolis” sort of posts. Or is it?!

ANYWAY I don’t plan on embarrassing myself or my friends. I won’t talk about the panda bear and unicorn onesie’s that came out on Friday night. Or my ability to find a runway to Vogue down in any bar I enter.

Oh, and I definitely won’t talk about all of the wigs.

What I will discuss is that I have the best group of friends a girl could ask for. Each one of these fine ladies below purchased a shirt from my shop (Sensible Chaos check it out!) to wear last weekend. I myself hadn’t planned on pushing my shirts that weekend, but these gals did!

Hell of a business woman I am.

Moving on.


So there we are, all in our matching shirts having the best time. Good thing considering the Huskers played horribly. (Scott Frosts anyone?) It’s pretty sad when you can get tickets for $10 apiece. Did I waste my $10 on a ticket? HELL NO! I spent that money on Vodka Tonic’s and cheese curds. #priorities

We even got a little classy on this trip going to the Loews hotel for drinks. I drank ALL of the champagne and I drank it out of all the fancy champagne glasses.

Because I’m fancy.

Also it was only natural we end our time at Loews with an elevator selfie. Don’t act like you wouldn’t do it, because you totally would.

A weekend full of random happenings, lots of adult beverages, many baskets of cheese curds, and lots of laughter. By far one of the best weekends I have had in a while. Until next time Minneapolis!!




This Velvet Trend


Velvet is life right now.

Ok, perhaps I am the only one who feels this way. But let’s just take a moment and talk about how much velvet we are seeing this fall/winter season. If you ask either one of my nieces, velvet isn’t cool. I should probably listen to them. They are literally the coolest of the cool. They know more about how to live your best life than I do. Did I just stumble upon a new idea for a post? “Life According to Kenna and Halle,” coming soon!

Back to the velvet. You could say my obsession started back in ’99 at my junior prom.  You guessed it, my dress was velvet. Not the ENTIRE dress but just the top part. I loved that dress. I still have that dress. If only it still fit….

I found all of these pieces over the last couple of months. By far my favorite is this midi skirt from Alice and Wonder. If you haven’t checked them out you need to! Follow them on Instagram too. They work a lot with two of my favorite bloggers, Taylor from The Daily Tay, and Ali from Those White Walls. Last week they did a holiday photoshoot with both ladies and had a bunch of sneak peeks of what’s coming to their store for the holidays. Everything I saw, I WILL NEED!! I am planning a trip to Chicago for the sole purpose of going to Alice and Wonder, and I have no shame about it!

velvet skirt


This  jumpsuit is from the best place on earth, Target. It’s a magical land filled with magical things. I dare you to go there and only buy toothpaste.

velvet jumpsuit

This  dress is from Express. You might remember it from my “Favorite Fall Items,” post I did last month. I have found a ton of super great things from Express lately. It’s funny, back in the day when I went there to shop it was for “going out shirts,” now it’s for “holiday parties I will only stay at until 9:00 P.M.” Oh how life changes.

velvet dress 1

I encourage you to try out this new velvet trend. When it comes to shopping and fashion I promise to never lead you astray!


Shop my looks!

target velvet jumpsuit black express heel velvet dress express thigh high boots express


Jersey Girl

DSCN1758 (2)

6 months ago today Alex took our sweet fur baby to the vet. She needed a shot and her nails trimmed. Normal dog stuff. Jersey goes nuts for the vet, as any dog does. Can you imagine if humans where EVER that excited to go to the doctor?! Think about how easy it would have been as a child to get a shot if you looked at it like dogs do. Just one of many reasons why a dog is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to a human.

On this particular visit though, Alex wasn’t given the best news. The vet told him that Jersey had a tumor on her stomach and gave her at most, 6 months to live. This did explain a lot. She hadn’t been eating well, even when we covered her food with treats. She wasn’t as rambunctious as she once was, and she was coming up on her 12th birthday.  As dog parents you never want to hear this kind of news. Sure you try to prepare the best you can, but how do you? Dogs, like grandparents, are just NEVER suppose to leave us!

That was all 6 months ago. Since we got the news we have switched her food and stopped giving her any form of “people food.” We have seen a gradual change in her appetite and she has even gotten a little bit of her spark back. She went back to the vet on Monday and hasn’t lost any weight and for all that the doctor could see, she was doing fine. Alex had been reluctant to take her back to the vet out of fear for more bad news. So even though Alex got a simple, “she is doing fine” he basically heard, “your dog is eternal and will live forever!” Selective hearing has always been a strong suit of Alex’s.

So this morning when I was putting my shoes on for work Jersey came over and sat right next to me. As she does most mornings, her way of telling me she would prefer that I stay home (me too girl….me too), and that is when I realized we had hit an amazing milestone.

As I scratched her ears and kissed her forehead she looked right at me as to say, “I’m going to be alright mom, I promise!” I honestly had to choke back tears. Jersey is more than a dog, she is more than my fur baby, she is my best friend. Alex spends a lot of time on the road so she is the one to keep me company while I watch The Real Housewives of New York. She reassures me each morning that I do not look fat in my corporate apparel. She is beside herself with excitement each and every time I come home from work. I am a better person because of her, and I truly believe she is eternal.

I could spend all day writing about how much I love my four legged best friend, but I think I have used up my sappy card for the day.  If you have a fur baby give her an extra snuggle today…and tell him or her it’s from Jersey!

The adorable German Shepard in these photos is Jersey’s best friend Ruby!!


Blogger On A Budget Part II – Summer To Fall Transition

The transition from Summer to Fall  is the absolute worst.

Perhaps its just me, but once those leaves start to change I know I am going to start each morning with about 4 layers on because I am cold. Then by midafternoon I am ready to peel of my Tuesday Zebra print blouse. Confused by the Zebra print blouse reference? Go here and read up, I promise you will be entertained!

But the upside to this problem is being able to take your favorite summer looks and turn them in to your fall favorites!  Does that read as cheesy as it sounds in my head? Sure does.

Moving on.

This is also something you can do if you are like me, and have limited $$$ because you spent it all buying anything velvet (it’s going to be BIG this season) and you need a fresh new fall look.

This denim jumpsuit is my FAVORITE. It is lightweight, comfortable, and the length is perfect. Full length jumpsuits can be hard for me because I’m too short for long length pants but to tall for regular length pants. Yep folks I had one eyebrow growing up and I have yet to grow out of “my awkward height stage.” #36yearoldproblems

denim jumpsuite 2


Need I explain the cardigan?  It’s fall and the first thing I do when the fall season hits is break out last season cardi’s then buy about 10 more. Because what is fall without cardigans, pumpkin spice lattes, and basic blogger pictures in cardigans…holding pumpkin spice lattes.

Anyway, per usual this post went many directions so I think this would be a great place to stop. I encourage you to go find that perfect summer piece and make into a fall season staple. I promise it will be life changing. Or at least save you a little bit of $$$ 🙂


Shop my look

denim jumpsuit cardigan tan booties