My Favorite Things Make-up Series Part III – Power Of The Eyebrow


This is the third installment of, My Favorite Things Make-up Series, and we are going to discuss the importance of having a FIERCE set of eyebrows!

Some of the best advice I ever got was to NEVER underestimate the power of an eyebrow. Or maybe it was to never trust someone with bad eyebrows. Perhaps I should take that last bit of advice personally as for much of my childhood I only had one eyebrow. Shout out to Main Street Styles in Ansley for lettin’ me in on a little secret called WAXING! If it hadn’t been for those ladies I could be 36 years old with one eyebrow living in a one bedroom apartment filled with New Kids On the Block memorabilia.

Moving on.

My eyebrows have been through several different stages. The “skinny” stage of the 90s where my eyebrows looked like sperm. The “money saving” stage of college where I thought I could wax my own eyebrows. That stage ended with only one surviving eyebrow and about 4 weeks spent in seclusion.

I am happy to report I now have what only I can consider “adult” eyebrows. This is due in large part because I met Nicole, at Tranquility Salon and Spa in Lincoln. Better known as the, “eyebrow whisperer.” She gives life to sad eyebrows, so make an appointment, and the trip to see her. Your eyebrows will thank you. Seriously, they whisper in their little eyebrow voices, “thank you for taking me to Nicole….”

ANYWAY enough about that, and more about my favorite products for….you guessed it….eyebrows!  I have tried all these products and I love all of them. I highly recommend trying them all to find your favorite!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Powder Duo


This product is perfect if you are an “in between” shade when it comes to eyebrow color. You can use one of two shades, or both! It’s lightweight, sheer to medium coverage and smudge-proof.



Okay, we have ALL seen this product on social media somewhere. If you haven’t…google it. I bet even after what I say you will be skeptical. But I’m telling you, this is a GOOD product! First, a little bit goes a long way. Second, an eyebrow brush is necessary with this product. It dries SUPER fast so you need to make sure you comb through your eyebrows as you apply. This product is waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof. Oh…and it will last up to 3 DAYS!! Seriously, it does last that long so if you are looking for long wearing this product is your ticket!

Maybelline – Brow Define Fill Duo


This is by far, my favorite eyebrow product. On one end you have a pencil, on the other you have a filling power with a sponge like tip for blending. I have tried many eyebrow products and I can 100% say I will not stray from this one. It doesn’t transfer, is long wearing, and the color matches perfectly. The price isn’t too bad either!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Clear Brow Gel


If your eyebrows are anything like mine, they need tamed. This is the perfect product to do just that! It is a clear gel that is good for all hair colors. It sets, defines, and hold brows in place all day long!

There you have it! My favorite eyebrow products. I encourage you to discover the power of the “brow.” Or the power of two…whatever floats your boat!










Living Your Best 90s Life


If you keep up with me on Instagram, you probably know that as of late I have had an obsession with all things 90s. As far as clothing goes anyway. I feel like I need to write a guide to living your BEST 90s life. I would give anything to go back to the days of oversized flannel shirts, My-So-Called-Life because hello….Jared Leto IS A FOX, and Doc Martens. Perhaps I stumbled upon a book idea? Stay tuned!

Finding this flannel maxi skirt is probably the best thing that has happened to me in a while. Keep in mind I live in a small town, where nothing exciting ever happens, and the talk of the town is who Pearl’s date was to Bingo last week. Its riveting stuff I tell ya……..that Pearl, she sure does get around!


Back to the skirt, I found this dream at Buckle, formerly The Buckle, formerly The Brass Buckle. If you are from Nebraska you will get it. I’m really not one to shop at (the) Buckle, I just feel old when I walk in that store…and the layering.  I mean, do they really think you need to wear that many items to make up an outfit?! I guess so.  If you like to do this, more power to you! I just prefer to wear one shirt at a time. #thatsjustmethough #doyou

OK BACK TO THE SKIRT! As I was saying, when I do shop there, I am never disappointed. Their Gimmicks line is my favorite, very boho and laided back, this skirt is from that very line and sings to my 90s soul. I paired it with a crop top from Nasty Gal, and of course my favorite chunky platform boots from H&M.

The 90s. Such a great time for fashion, teen melodramas, and Tiger Beat Magazine! I would go back in a heartbeat. Maybe not to live through my teen years again (I was super awkward, hard to believe I know…..#not), but to spend countless hours with my nose in the latest issue of Sassy while listening to EnVouge, and daydreaming about what it would be like to go on a date with Jared Leto. At 15 years old, I had my priorities straight….duh.


Shop my look!

buckle skirt black crop hmprod

Fall Favorites From Express

So yesterday after I posted my shirt post……… judgment on the grammar please.

Anyway, I headed over to Express’s website and they are having a sale, 40% OFF EVERYTHING! Every, single, damn, thing is on sale. I took a moment to do a little happy dance, yes because of the sale OBVIOUSLY, but also because Alex will be out of town for work and I will be able to sneak whatever I buy into my closet and when he asks if it’s new I will respond, with a casual, “this old thing??? I have had it FOR AGES!” Trust me, dudes are never the wiser to what is new and what is not. (Here is to hoping today isn’t the day Alex decides to read my blog) Ladies, if any of you claim to not do this yourselves…I call BS.

Who wants to see a few things I ordered?????? Here ya go!

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 8.58.06 PM Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.01.37 PM Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.04.36 PM Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.00.05 PM thigh high boot heel

Ok, perhaps I went a bit overboard…I mean who can say no to a blush velvet jumpsuit?? NOT THIS GIRL!!

After I was done shopping for myself, I found a few pieces I think are perfect for this fall season!

So do yourself a favor, head over to Express, shut off that little voice in your head that says, “you don’t need those thigh high boots,” and then go buy those thigh high boots!




About A Shirt

This Shirt.

I have been trying to come up with something witty to say about this top for a week now, and I must be honest, this has been the hardest top to really talk about.

shirt 4

Now, if I asked my dad what he thought of this top, I am confident his response would be, “where is the rest of it?!” Oh Dale!! Never one to not have a clever comeback.

But honestly that is what I thought when I first saw this shirt on Nordstrom’s website. I’m not usually one to gravitate toward the one-shoulder look but there was just something about this particular piece that was screaming BUY ME! Who am I to not listen to that little shopping voice? So without hesitation I bought it. I like to live on the edge when it comes to shopping, buyer’s remorse…….WHAT’S THAT?!

About a week later the shirt arrived, and I immediately tried it on and, it didn’t look to bad. Wasn’t to sure how I would style it, but alas I hung it up and began brainstorming looks.

Here is what I came up with. I like this look but as soon as I saw the photos I felt like what this top needed to be paired with is wide leg, high-waisted, black trousers. So once again I went on the hunt and found a pair from Express…stay tuned for the follow-up to that purchase!

off the shoulder 2


Shop my look!

top Jeansblack heel booties


LA LA LAND – A Movie For Dreamers

La La Land

I am little late to the game with this one.

But last weekend I finally watched La La Land.

After all the Oscar buzz, I was still on the fence with this movie. I have heard mixed reviews on it, and I get really uncomfortable when I watch cheesy movie musicals. It is a natural reaction for me to be embarrassed for the actors who star in these kinds of movies. Maybe that’s not fair, it’s like when I watch Sietsa Keys on MTV, it’s so bad, but I just can’t stop watching it.

So Saturday I was flipping through the channels and I noticed that La La Land was just starting on HBO.  To me this was a sign, so I settled in to see what all the hype was about. I am a huge Emma Stone fan, and any woman with a beating heart who says she is NOT in love with Ryan Gosling is not a woman I want to be friends with. He is a dream. I knew that even if the movie ended up being terrible, I had hope that at some point Ryan would be shirtless, and then it would have all been worth it.

The movie starts out with a cheesy song and dance number. “Not good,” I thought. But I needed to give it more time. Fast forward a few minutes and Emma Stone’s character Mia, is flipping the bird to Ryan’s character Sebastian and that gave me hope, so I kept watching.

By the 3rd song I was fully invested in Sebastian and Mia’s story. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it so I won’t go much into it. But I will say that this is definitely a movie for dreamers. The struggles these two characters face not only in their love for each other, but in pursuing their passions, is something I think anyone can relate to. I know I do.

Que my cheesy, “follow your dreams,” segment.

Ok, I won’t get to deep. I think I have maxed out my, “follow your dreams” portion of this blog with my comparison post from last week. But after watching this movie I just wanted to go out and conquer some shit! Honestly my Saturday nights are usually dedicated to wine and pretending to watch football. But after watching La La Land I found myself working on more t-shirt ideas, sketching out ideas for my fashion line, writing, doodling, pitching millionaire ideas to Alex who lovingly tried to pay attention but really just wanted me to move away from the TV. #heloveshisfootball

So if you haven’t seen La La Land, I highly recommend it. Once you are done watching it then you my fearless dreamer…..go conquer some shit too!


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Fall Has Arrived


Green Dress

It’s official. Fall has arrived.

Unlike most bloggers, fall is just another season I have to “survive.”

Sure I love a good Pumpkin Spice Latte on a brisk fall morning. Of course there is nothing better than the smell of chili in a crockpot as I prepare to not watch a stitch of football with my husband on a Saturday afternoon. Oh and the candles! Don’t even get me started on the amount of fall candles that I may or may not have purchased…back in July….

Why do I have to survive fall you ask? Because of all the sweaters, hats, boots, and scarves I will tell myself I don’t need but end up buying anyway. It’s a never ending battle with me. Even writing this post, I had to pause twice because I got sidetracked by online sales. #bloggingpriorities

So while all of my favorite bloggers embrace this fall season…I am still on the fence. However I will be hanging out on said fence with my apple pie scented candles, pumpkin beer, and cardigan.

Frankie and Jules


Although I am worried about my spending habits walking into this season, I might as well look good doing it right?! I snagged this olive green button down dress from my favorite boutique in Kansas City Frankie and Jules. The boots are Free People and I have had them for years. By far my favorite pair. They are no longer available, but here is a pair that I am dying to purchase….see it’s truly a problem. But the best KIND of problem if you ask me!

Peace, Love, and Pumpkins

Act of Comparison

Dave Grohl

According to Webster’s online dictionary the definition of comparison is, “the act or process of comparing: such as the representing of one thing or person as similar to or like another.”

Seems like a harmless act.

But it can be tricky.

What kind of self-proclaimed “blogger” would I be if I didn’t get real on here from time to time?

I am 100% guilty of comparing myself to others. This is a very dangerous game. Comparing isn’t something I find myself doing often, but when I get in it, it takes a while for me to get out of it.

I have found since I started this blog, and my shirt shop, when I am not getting the results I want I start to compare myself to others. I look at those bloggers who have thousands of followers on Instagram, work with so many different brands, collaborate, the list goes on and on. Yes I have been fortunate to open a few doors that weren’t there before but it is frustrating when I pour all my creative juices into a post that only a handful of people view. It’s hard to separate the real reason I do this, from the superficial need to have people “like” me.

Unfortunately when I get into the, “comparison hole” (as I like to call it) with my blog, it starts to spill over into other aspects of my life. I start to feel like at 36 years old I need to be more successful. Sure I have a good job, I have a wonderful husband, a nice home, but should I have a bigger home like my friend Sally? Should I have a better job like my friend Alice? Am I not trying hard enough to climb the corporate latter? It’s a never ending cycle of thoughts and eventually I convince myself I should just give up on all things I am passionate about.

So how do I get out of this horrible comparison place? I write about it. There are many  posts I have written and never published because I feel like it was just me needing to get it out. However, I think this is a particular topic we are all somewhat guilty of. I could spend the rest of my life comparing myself to others and thinking I need to be where they are. Or that I will never be as “grown up” as they are. Sure it might take me a few years to get this blog, and other things in my life I am passionate about, out there but I will be damned if I am going to let anything get in the way. Sure I get into ruts, as you can see, but I also get myself out of them. This may seem harsh, and is simply my opinion, but those who spend their life comparing what they have, or don’t have, to those around them are incredibly insecure. Now I may have lost a few readers for that, and that’s ok. By disagreeing with me you are sticking to WHO YOU ARE. That is the first step to being secure in yourself as a human.

I am not perfect. I may never have a six-figure job, drive a bright shiny car, or live in a giant house. This blog may just be something my Mom, sister, husband, and handful of great friends read because they are my biggest fans, and that’s ok. I have to constantly remind myself I am doing all of this because it is what makes me happy and that has to be enough.

Now that’s not to say if Free People…..or Louis Vuitton happen to want to start sending me free stuff because they love what I write on here….I’m not going to say no. BUT if that never happens, I am ok with it. I do everything I do because it is truly what I love. For me that is enough.

Peace, Love, and BE YOU!

*Sally and Alice are not ACTUAL people I know….just names! 🙂

Blogger On A Budget – Part I

Being a blogger on a budget can be hard. I mean…..Free People isn’t exactly knocking down my door and sending me free stuff quite yet, so until then every piece of clothing you see on Sensible Chaos is purchased by yours truly. I can get into some real trouble with this because I justify buying anything by saying, “this would be perfect for my blog!” Alex isn’t a fan of this shopping justification, and I’m not a fan of his disapproving look every time the doorbell rings and it’s Dave the UPS guy.

So from this, a new segment of Sensible Chaos is born! Welcome to, “Blogging On A Budget,” where I take items from one of my three closets (yes three, like I said, it’s a problem) and create fun, trendy, outfits without spending…too much. Of course, you will see a few new pieces here and there, but for the most part each item will come straight from my closet.  I will also be linking similar items so that you can still shop the look even if it’s not available.

Let’s dive into the first outfit straight from my closet…ssss…closets!! I mean closets..

use country overall

I snagged these overalls from one of my favorite boutiques, Frankie & Jules in Kansas City. I am a sucker for a good pair of overalls. I have been rockin’ them since ’87 so naturally they would be a part of the fist ensemble featured.  I have linked a similar pair of overalls from H&M. Same goes for the booties, they were a sale find from my favorite local shop Mint 217 last year. I found similar boots from Kohl’s and the bodysuit is still available at the Buckle.

hmprod fullsizeoutput_cefa95cb3527daf1584c68030862ccb8031

So there you have it! The first of many looks that will come out of my closet! Strap in…..this may last awhile..


My Top 5 Favorite Bloggers

Top 5 Blogger pic

What do I, a self-proclaimed blogger, do when I don’t  have a clue what to write about?

I blog about other bloggers…THAT’S WHAT!

Today I am sharing with you my top 5 favorite bloggers. I mean, I could make this my top 100 favorite blogger list…but then you would think all I do all day is stalk bloggers…and perhaps I do…#noshameinmyblogginggame

Let’s get started!

The Daily Tay

OBVIOUSLY Taylor would be on my list. I have said it a million times before and I will say it again. If you don’t follow her on Instagram YOU NEED to. You will be better for it I swear. She has the best dog Harlow and their adventures to the dog park are something to see. On her blog you will find anything from stories from her family vacations, to the life of a t-shirt lady.

Sunsets and Stilettos

Deb of Sunsets and Stilettos is something else. If you don’t follow her on Instagram YOU SHOULD! She is an introverts dream and has a very unique and fun sense of humor. Her segments, “Things I Am Hating Right Now,” and “On Notice,” are worth looking out for.  On her blog you will find fun and affordable outfit ideas.

Those White Walls

I have absolutely no idea how I found Ali’s blog but I AM SO GLAD I DID. I feel like she is the Carrie Bradshaw of Chicago minus all the Mr. Big drama. She has the cutest bulldog named Obi and a loft apartment that I feel like came straight from HGTV. She is a photographer and jewelry designer with an impeccable fashion sense.

The Daybook

First thing you need to do once you go to Sydney’s blog is read the “about” section, it is by far one of the best things I have ever read! Her posts are super relatable and I truly feel like I could just call her up and we could hang out….but I won’t, because she has no idea who I am. So that would be weird.

The Basics 

Oh Chloe!! I stumbled upon Chole through my love of The Daily Tay and I can’t get enough of her. She has just ventured out and is working for herself and she couldn’t be more of an inspiration to wannabe bloggers like myself. She has all kinds of great reads and not so recently went on a two-week camping excursion and blogged all about it. It almost makes me want to try camping…..and by almost I mean it ALMOST makes me want to find a cabin with running water and wifi to stay in for an extended period of time. #glamping

There you have it folks! These are the bloggers I only hope to be as talented as someday. What bloggers do you admire?

Peace, Love, and Blogging



How I Watch Husker Football

As you all may know, or perhaps not, I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to football.

I get it, I should probably be banished from Nebraska for even admitting that.

No, I’m not so much of a girly girl I don’t understand the game of football.  It’s just not that entertaining to me. I get lost in all the thoughts running through my head.  Like when the snacks will be served, and if I have enough wine to get me to halftime? #priorities

So go figure when I married a die-hard Husker fan. Bless him for loving me through it though. However, if I ask him to explain a “first down,” to me one more time I think that might be the end to us watching football together.

I live by the mantra, “I’m only here for the beer and the snacks.” What kind of person would I be if I didn’t keep it 100 ALL OF THE TIME?! I think a lot of the reason most people even invite me to football parties is because they know by halftime I will be a bottle of Pinot Grigio deep and pretty entertaining.

Another reason I watch football?  So I can buy AT LEAST 3 new husker shirts each season. Any excuse to go shopping right?!

I feel better after confessing this to all of my faithful blog readers. Here is a sneak peek at what I will be wear this Saturday as I cheer on the Huskers! Or, sit in the corner drinking wine and watching miniature donkey videos on my phone until halftime………


Corny AF shirt available at Taylor Wolfe Shop.

Flannel available at Mint 217 in McCook.

Peace, Love, and GBR!!!!